Day: July 23, 2018

About That Warrant. . .

The Justice Department is ever so slowly starting to comply with demands for information relating to the start of the Russia collusion investigation.  Over the weekend, the FBI released the original application to the secret FISA court seeking a warrant to monitor communications from Carter Page, a low-level advisor to […]

Putting Iran On Notice

Speaking at the Reagan Library last night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put the Iranian regime on notice for its support of terrorism, its oppression against the Iranian people and its belligerent activities throughout the Middle East. While Secretary Pompeo made many excellent points, I was pleased by his realistic appraisal of […]

Standing With Israel

It is an extraordinary day in Washington, D.C.  Thousands of pro-Israel activists are here for the 13th annual Christians United For Israel Washington Summit.  As you may know, Christians United For Israel was founded by Pastor John Hagee and currently has more than 4 million members in all fifty states. […]

CUFI Washington Summit Starts Today

Thousands of pro-Israel Christian activists have come to our nation’s capital for the 13th annual Christians United For Israel Washington Summit! If you were unable to join us in person, you can watch the proceedings live at the CUFI Facebook page or at The opening session begins at 9:00 AM, and will […]