Kavanaugh’s Conservativism

Vice President Mike Pence and former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl escorted Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Capitol Hill yesterday for his first series of meetings with key senators.  Naturally, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office was the first stop of the day. McConnell has vowed to ensure that the Senate […]

NATO Knockdown

Yesterday morning, President Trump held an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn as he was getting ready to fly to Europe for a NATO summit and other meetings.  Asked about the trip, he said this: “Well, it’s going to be an interesting time in the UK, and it’s […]

Kavanaugh To The Court

Last night, President Trump rolled out his second Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The rollout was as impressive and effective as the Gorsuch announcement. Giving America the chance to see Brett Kavanaugh with his family and hear from him directly about the proper role of a judge was incredibly […]

All About Abortion

Abortion is back in the news because the left is afraid Trump’s appointment might chip away at Roe v. Wade.  What ought to be making news is just how extreme the left has become on abortion. Bill Clinton used to say that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”  But in […]

Tonight’s The Night

President Trump will announce his Supreme Court nominee tonight at 9:00 PM.  The main contenders are believed to be Judges Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge.  Senator Mike Lee of Utah is still in the running as a dark horse candidate. The left is in a […]

Why the “Gini” index is a complete fraud…

The “Gini” index (or sometimes called the Gini Coefficient) was create over 100 years ago by Corrado Gini, Mussolini’s “economist” who was a eugenicist (like Hitler and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, firmly believed in killing undesirable races to “improve” humanity) and even wrote in praise of Fascism (what Fascism was […]

Celebrating Independence Day

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays — celebrating patriotism, our history and the tremendous courage, faith and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers. As the 242nd birthday of America dawns tomorrow, millions will get together with friends and family for backyard barbeques, games and fireworks. By all means, enjoy […]

Conservatism Wins

What a week it’s been for the conservative movement! As the Fourth of July approaches and Americans look forward to celebrating our freedom under God, we have more reason than ever to celebrate and to hope. Once again Americans feel free to assert a confident patriotism. The world isn’t free of conflict, […]

Face Of The Future?

Political observers are still dissecting the results of Tuesday’s startling upset victory by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th Congressional District against incumbent Joe Crowley. The media have showered her with glowing coverage.  The New York Times editorial board declared, “Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory is a vivid sign of […]