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August 9th, 2011 Links
The Sturmabteilung
The Virtual 911 Memorial
This day in history…May 11
This day in history…May 10
This day in history…May 6
This day in history…May 5
This day in history…May 4
This day in history…May 3
Today in History…May 2
This day in history…April 29
This day in history…April 28
This day in History…April 27
On this day in history..April 26
This day in history…April 25
This day in history…April 22
This day in history…April 20
This day in history…April 15
This day in history…
California investigates whether certified teacher is qualified to homeschool her own children
Welcome back, Firefox!
Bristol Palin, bad for doing good?
December 22, 2010
Thought for the day
The GZ Mosque and Liberal Chess Strategy
Oh, by the way…
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The Best of JL: Legally Insane
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The Best of JL: Mere Capitalism
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The Best of JL: A Tree Falls…
The Best of JL: McFine - Caingold
Best of JL: Doomed by history?
The Best of JL: The Daycare and the Sandlot
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The Best of JL: Why amnesty is so selfish
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My wife
The real impact of Arizona’s new law
Tea Party Radicals
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How the Left Lies
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Senate computers have virus problems. Senate Dems have consistency problems.
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Homosexuality and Smoking: An interesting double standard
I finally got Live Writer to work
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Today at
AP: Clinton's economic plan
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McFein Caingold (redux)
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Testing Adobe Contribute
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Testing a new Blog Editor: Zoundry Raven
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A Sassafras economy
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Review of Windows 7 (after 1 day)
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Doomed by history?
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Actual conversation between me and an Insure Oklahoma operator
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All Liberties hinge on Religious Liberties
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Mulligan Stew v. Pseudo-Smorgasbord
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Construction drawings released: Flight 93 crescent now points less than 3° from Mecca
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An illustration of macro-economics
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The Cycle of Stupidity
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Obama haters, critics, supporters and worshippers. Which are you?
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An experiment in Twitter Marketing
Response to the news that Obama won the Nobel peace prize
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Michigan v. Illinois: Is this a legal dichotomy?
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Catoosa’s Coach Commisky and God’s love
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Tiller, Pouillon and America’s culture of death
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Commentary on “50 things killed by the Internet” (Who ARE these idiots?!?)
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Does Obama really care about health care?
Christmas in July
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6 good reasons to never, ever do business with
The Historical Implications of Gatesgate
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In defense of “Birthers”
What’s up with Cox Cable?!?
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Following the money
Liberal media lie about arrest of former Honduran president
Windows 7 Upgrade now available for pre-order!!
Melvin Simon censors tea party; We can boycott Melvin’s malls
Observations of the Sanford fiasco
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Interesting quotes
Two-thirds of PBS is BS, anyway
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Donald Trump caves in to the Gay Mafia
MSNBC (il)logic
Rush Limbaugh: The Difference Between God and Obama
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The wrong man…you think?
Monday Links
Government IS the problem!
Life is like a box of manure…
A new URL shortener service
Lone gunman kills soldier at Arkansas, army-recruiting office
Observations on the extremely late-term abortion of George Tiller
Dealergate numbers crunched
Another Hugo Black?
Pseudo-church fires priests who quit last year
The Joys of Socialized Medicine
Who polices the police?
All the news that’s fit to hide
The cost of being rich and Liberal: Stupidity
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A Sassafras economy
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How law enforcement works
Jokes we should have heard at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner
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The Anatomy of Hate
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Spector: When the RINO became an Ass
The joys of socialized medicine
Is waterboarding torture?
Voter eligibility test
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My fake disease is worse than your fake disease
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New DHS guidelines on identifying potential terrorists
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Blog rolls dropped
Book Review: The Rose Conspiracy
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Homosexuals, the Courts and the Constitution
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The washing machine 'liberated women'?
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This week's contestants for "Idiot of the Week" are...
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Will Obama's real approval rating please stand up
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Great quote
Sarah and Bristol Palin on abstinence--in context
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10 things that really suck about working from home
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Tulsa High Tech
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The self-destructing stimulus
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Alcee Hastings' Concentration Camps
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A letter from an IDF soldier to a Gaza citizen
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Movie review: Taken
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How the Liberal double standard works
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Evolutionist zealots get even crazier
Friday links
Today's Links
Ann Coulter on The View
Links for 1.12.9
And more links
The commercials the networks censored
More links
Conflicting Constitutionalities
Link Fest
Daily news roundup
Is it still charity when you're worse off after it's give to you?
The death of a hero
Israel's weakness
YouTube censors Israel Army
Can it still be altruism when it's bigoted?
The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
Israeli's push for Pollard pardon
We're bailing out who?!?
This day in history
Church discipline and privacy
Sort of a win for open carry
Clearing away the economic smoke
Wish I'd thought of this
Weak arguments from supposedly strong minds
Firefox tops list of 12 most vulnerable apps
Unabashed hypocrisy
Google ends some of its unfair, religious discrimination
Palin's church torched
Segregation hits the browser market
Censorship by any other name is still censorship
Why the Day Without Gay didn't work
How to get away with murder
Auto bail out numbers
So now we're "BC Truthers"?
Rights, Special Rights or the Transfer of Rights?
The battle for open carry
Two month tax holiday
National Black Republicans demand apology from Obama
Three Approaches to Therapy, part 3
Follow-up on San Diego Church
Three Approaches to therapy, part 2
Thanksgiving observations
Three Approaches to Therapy
Drowning in the desert
Will Obama be a Carter or a Clinton? Part 4
Why government IS the problem
Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner wants to take away my drivers license
Al Franken claims this is a vote AGAINST Norm Coleman
Prop 8 supporters talking recall
AP downsizing
Gagging at gnats
Poland's dirty politics
The Post Turtle
Are we losing Fox News?
When Morons Vote
How the left and right do boycotts
Yellow journalism and the Ass. Press
Will Obama be a Carter or a Clinton? Part 3
New York Times: Socialist Utopian Edition
The birth certificate thing
News or Nonsense
Reuters: Predictably stupid
Walter Williams: Predictably astute
Kristallnacht: 2008
Rampaging homosexuals attack old lady
Mike Adams asks a favor
Juan Williams: Dependably naive
Will Obama be a Carter or a Clinton? Part 2 Gridlock
America's first Black president wants to bring back slavery!
Wonder why we homeschool? This is why
What pet should the Obamas get?
Will Obama be a Carter or a Clinton?
Day after election Obama already breaking promises
Apparently even Republican pets are upset with the media's blatant electioneering
Another real American hero
Liberals hate a level playing field
Firestorm over Obama's Aunt
Is Obama Toast?
Obama: "I am my brother's keeper"..."Just Words"
Obama and the Cult of Personality
How to keep your McCain sign from being stolen by Liberal morons
Democrats continue to exploit the mentally handicapped
Spread whose wealth?
Obama campaign caught offering $3million bribe
Heritage Foundation demands Obama retract lie
6th grade free-speech warrior whips school in court
Abortion survivor responds to Obama's attack
Mychal Massie: Is freedom of speech in Obama's lexicon?
ATF morons catch skinhead morons
Real hope
Stealing the Presidency 101
Virginia Dems toss military ballots
Kindness and courtesy under attack in Aspen
Where are the Hillary voters, really? needs to check their facts
Are the Fat Lady's initials AOL?
One Squirrel, One Nut
Why John Kerry was, is and always will be a loser
California's Democrat Secretary of State ignore ACORN, arrests Republican
Funny craigslist entry
Has cheating become the standard Modus Operandi for Democrats?
Did Colin Powell just flush his credibility?
LA Times discovers rationalization for ACORN "moral equivalency"
Khaddafi: Obama a Muslim
The Joys of Socialized Medicine
Bob Hope tells the future about this years' election
Just when you though the Obama people couldn't sink any lower...
Does the Bradley Effect masks the Bradley Effect
Could American Jews, finally be waking up to political reality?
It's not about the color of his skin; it's about the thinness of it
New video from VerticleBlu
McCain's Health Care plan explained
Taxing the rich, taxes the rest of us
Amazing advances in invisibility technology
Anatomy of election theft: The MSM
Obama supporters find Palin guilty
YouTube censors McCain ad
Another kid saved from the system
Obama: The Pro-Abortion Candidate
Will ACORN steal this election for Obama?
John McCain nude!
The campaigns behind the scenes
For those who love dogs
Why I still don't believe the polls, part 2
Why I still don't believe the polls
FDR Prolonged Depression (Now they tell us.)
GASP! McCain supported anti-communist group!
Obama and ACORN: Fighting imagined smears with real smear and lies
Best OpEds
Tolerance = tolerating some people; hating the rest
Biden clueless about the position he's running for
Obama causing violence in Kenya
Race, Collectivism and Individualism
Is it possible for Democrats running for national office to not lie?
Obama exploits campaign finance loopholes
Excellent Video: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
What's good and bad about the bailout
The new DNC approved online ballot
MSM lie machine working overtime
NYT: Propaganda of record
Rusty rips Obama/DNC with an astounding expose
Crime, punishment and race
Bad ad placement
Whose fault is it, part II
Heroes and Cowards
Whose fault is it really?
Interesting, very interesting
Hype v. fact
This from the people who have been screaming about "swiftboating"
So what, exactly is a Community Organizer?
Bye-bye SiteMeter [Updated]
Our screwed up laws
McCain and that interweb thing
Is Palin being swiftboated?
How Democrats handle an escalator
The Gibson Interrogation: A bag full of dirty tricks
Interesting column
Are Hillary's female supporters flocking to Palin?
Politics as usual in Obama's home state
Life News
Liberal talk show invites wrong guest
Has Sarah Palin become a political tar baby?
Latest McCain Ad: The Original Mavericks
More Sarah Palin Facts
"Sarah Palin turned me into a newt!!"
McCain Ad: Alaska Maverick
Can Obama lead? Apparently not
Broward county settles lawsuit over abusive anti-Christian cop
The Palin pregnancy and abstinence education
POLL: What would you have done?
Calling all stupid people
Little known Sarah Palin Facts
Democrats thrilled about hurricane devastation
Obama camp complains that McCain's VP choice a minority with little experience.
Never under-estimate stupidity
It was never about choice
Ass. Press lies again about Swift Vets
Doomed by history?
The military, women and sexual assault
New McCain Ad: "Fan Club"
The realities of the PC pecking order
Education comedy
Yahoo courting delusional paranoids
First Black President Will Be a Republican
Blacklists: Out with the old; In with the new
Texas is safer today
CBS censors Letterman over Obama jokes
More news the MSM will censor
Obama, oil and the truth
USB gadgets I had no idea existed
Stupid is as stupid does
CitizenLink Video: Fuel me once
Planned Genocide is really stupid
San Diego East County: Bars good; Churches bad
Subsidizing cultural suicide
Can someone explain how this makes any sense whatsoever.
Apparently Planned Genocide sees no fun in murder, unless they're allowed to lie, too
England, crazy England
Say what?!?
Ralph Nader: Stupider than we thought
Obama's Civilian National Security Force
Canada takes another prisoner in war against US
Government energy policies: part of the solution or part of the problem?
"Enlightened" Europe slowly being conquered by radical Islam
Speaking of culture wars...
Apparently, McDonald's hates Christians
Pro-homosexual denominations shrinking rapidly
The darkest corner of hell
Strike one name off Obama's VP list
Tolerance, respect and endorsement
Judges for sale
What about the ones that had no video?
For my friends Bruce and Chris
Dueling wire services
Foreign Press joins Alternative Media
Google censors for Obama
The Ole Liberal Double Standard again
Creating problems in order to force a "desired" solution
Clinton News Network shows their stupidity
Education: cause and effect
WARNING: Do Not Install FireFox 3!!
Is the "Palestinian" cause a homeland, or simply the destruction of Israel?
Obama: Fight the Smears?--part 3
Which is more compassionate: Socialism or Capitalism?
Obama: Fighting the smears--with inadequate proof
A rude awakening for Californians hoping to cash in on the homosexual marriage rush
Obama: Fighting the smears--with smears
Egg fight
Is Michelle fair game?
Is America practicing Lex Rex or Rex Lex?
A sneak peak at the first McCain/Obama debate
What First Amendment?
Proof or distractions?
Columns of interest
Obama to be sued by homeschoolers
The People's Republic of Kanada
Why an Obama administration will be bad for American Blacks
Clueless in LA
Freed of Jewish "oppression" Gaza Arabs attack Christians
XP, Vista, cause and effect
Found on Craig's List
The hole in the heart of peace
Obama campaign craps on fallen police
The joys of socialized medicine
Why John McCain is the GOP nominee
The serious danger of so-called "Hate Crime" laws
The Dobson Factor
Who pays for bad science?
Prince Caspian exposes closed-minded bigotry in movie reviewer
A Spineless Culture
Throwing it all away
Why the Federal Minimum Wage is such a stupid idea
The complexity of Fair Trade
I continue to be impressed with how wise Thomas Sowell is
No Child Allowed Ahead
How sick is Health Care
McFine - Caingold
The "Child Protection" Industry v FLDS: the lessor of two evils?
More commentary on Wright
Obama denounces Wright: analyzing the analysts
Bad friends make worse enemies
All Liberties hinge on Religious Liberties
Morals, Values and the Voting Booth
The Tower of Babel and an PWNED citizenry
Polls and lotteries: scams for people with poor math skills
Brits surprised at peaceful, gun-loving Americans
Barack Obama and Alger Hiss
Chosen for greatness
Five girls, seven killers, one nation
"Day of Silencing" approaches
When words cease to have meaning
The key to success: Fight!
Obama: small-town, white Americans are all bigots
Compassion v. Hate
How firmly stands an elastic house?
Mulligan Stew v. Pseudo-Smorgasbord
How hypocritical are Democrats?
The Daycare and the Sandlot
Jack Cashill's review of Expelled
Wal-Mart: The Media Elite's favorite scapegoat
Snyder v. Phelps: The nose of a very frightening camel
A tree falls...
Religious freedom?
The cruelty of the religion of Global Warming
The Recession Myth
Mere Capitalism
Good Parent; Bad Parent
Legally Insane
Politics, candidates and philosophy
Frank Schaeffer disproves evolution
The end of Big Oil?
How to steal a nation's libraries
Common myths spouted by anti-gun nuts
The Audacity of Hypocrisy
A new shibboleth
Obama's questionable faith
Why amnesty is so selfish
4th estate, 5th column
Why I homeschool: reasons #4,564,251 & #4,564,252
Why do we treat the First and Second Amendments so differently?
2008 DNC convention schedule
The Wonders of American Medicine
Dire Consequences
Widowed mother of four sentenced to prison for worshipping teapot
Obama politicks at church's expense
Is Obama guilty?
Character sketch
Planned Genocide exposed, again!
A Real Hero
Charles Barkley says I'm bad
McCain's funded: Assembling the pieces of the puzzle
Why can't the left distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?
Help wanted: covert, political propagandist
Faith-based Initiative
Life in a Science Fiction Novel
So this is the "Democracy" Liberals mean?
The Ass. Press wrong again
The Economic Stimulus Band-aid
The Joys of Socialized Medicine
What's been happening
California group using deceptive "report card" on pro-family issues
Why does Arkansas elect such problem causing governors?
Election Irony
The United Nations: Squandering the World's Resources in Ever Inventive Ways
Is waterboarding torture?
The Joys of Socialized Medicine
Maryland city declares Constitution void
The Colorado Church Shootings and the Clueless Media
Crawling out from beneath the ice
A summation of modern, secular philosophy
Golden Compass brings out bigotry
Hillary and the Harebrained Hostage Holder
More stupid scientists
Stop the ACLU Blogburst: ACLU Halts Bible Donations in North Carolina Elementary Schools
Stop the Memorial Blogburst: Murdoch’s mosque supporters play word games
AIDS hoax partially exposed
Support Tom Tancredo's call to scrap the crescent memorial
Trying the comprehend the PC pecking order
Op-eds worth checking out
Federal government practicing religious censorship
Democrats stick it to the elderly, again
But then strippers aren't usually known for their discretion, are they.
Couldn't empty water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel
Most vulnerable apps: Apple and Mozilla "well" represented
Religion and schools: It's not what you do, but why you do it
Mother, doctors celebrate their failure to murder baby
Wolves in the fold
Character, crime and consequences
Counterfeit faith
Stop the Memorial Blogburst: Lying about the 44 blocks
Thars gold in them thar "illnesses"!
The revenge of Socks the Cat
ACLU furious over Florida gov's respect for religion
Woman faces fines, jail for offending toilet
Entry into the Moronic Web Lemming Awards
No, I haven't abandoned my blog
Eric Volz update
Evolutionists whine when their own words used in context
Another genocide mill closed
Stop the ACLU Blogburst
Fired for going to church?!?
New attempt to take away Second Amendment rights?
This is just sick
What's going on in Ocean View, Virginia?
Planned Genocide to be sued for libel
Sauce for the Liberal goose...
Another mythical Constitutional Amendment
Columbia University's hypocrisy
Thursday's "Stop the ACLU" Blogburst
A cool blog utility
Truth is stranger than fiction
Questions Kerry won't have you tasered for asking
Wladimer Palant shows his true colors
Memorite Rogue, Chapter 1, Scene 5
Firefox safe?
Reid dislikes Bush's AG pick
How can people so stupid be considered educators? II
America wins in Palm Beach
Firefox unblocked, temporarily
How can people so stupid be considered educators?
Rutgers shame
Real immigration
PJI Issues Back-to-School "Watch List" for Parents
Treatment for mythical disease may cause cancer
Implanted chip approved by FDA found to cause cancer
Why Americans get really tired of illegals
Memorite Rogue, Chapter 1, Scenes 3 & 4
"Stop the ACLU" blogburst
Anti-Evolution Evolutionists
Death of a Great Man
ACLU v America, again
The Joys of Socialized Medicine
...But Liars can Figure
How government schools do Phys Ed wrong
Memorite Rogue, Chapter 1, Scene 2
Whose God is stronger?
The law as a bludgeon
The war against Christianity
How the Left define "choice"
Christiane Amanpour: a female Michael Moore
New, tougher, laws against illegal aliens
Conflicting measures of poverty
James Kennedy retiring
You might be a FF Fanboy....
A church in Mexico needs help after Hurricane Dean
Memorite Rogue, Chapter 1, Scene 1
SpongeBob SoiledPants
Book burning nazis?
Local newspapers and the web
Global Warming traced to Norwegian, belching moose
The only workable solution to Philly's crime problem—more guns!
Marketing ethics
Obama pro Commie?
Red China wants control of--reincarnation?
Right but still wrong
Hectic weekend
When religion poses as science
Canadian Mennonites flee homes
Foreign aid to Israel is defense spending
Don Imus sued for slander
The Power of the Press
Liberal Jihad
Is this really vandalism?
No blogging today
Projecting racism
The lunacy of "Mental Health"
The absurdity of gun control
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,250
Stories that make you go "What?!?"
When Religion is treated as Science
Firefighters Forced to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade
More legal double-standards
FireFox is now blocked from this and many of my other sites
Florida DOE targeting Christians for harassment
Inmates in charge of the asylum
AdBlock: observing the debate
Why I am not an organ donor
Separation of Mosque and State
First Katrina, now the ACLU
Chief Justice Roberts and seizures
Liars who figure
Thieves, liars and cheats
Ex-President can sometimes come in handy
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,249
Spitting on the victims of Flight 93
YouTube, the DNC and the Myth of Democracy
I Told You So
John Edwards: Sexiest Woman Alive
Democrat racism: business as usual
D.A.R.E. - A Disaster For Our Children
Exposing the Health Coverage Lie
Book Review: The Natural Family-A Manifesto
War: strategies and mistakes
Senate hearing on Ramos/Compean
Found a friendly message board
Liberals always need a lightening rod
phpAV is launched!!
Interesting stories
Pope attacked by closed-minded Liberals, again
A rose by any other name...
Sacrificing Pennsylvania Pawns
In the news today
Coming soon phpAV!!
Anti-war, hippies and deadbeats unite
Pop quiz time!
Elsewhere on the internet
John Cox on Scooter Libby
Stories that caught my eye
The Rose Leaf
When it comes to Cuba, Hillary has no room to speak
Cheney under attack by clueless Liberals
Elsewhere on the net
Warren Buffet: Guilty, rich idiot
Some things I wonder about
Breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back
Obama's gall
You want [cough] fries with that?
The Palm Beach Shuffle
The ragged quilt
Elsewhere on the net
Bruce Brendlin and the SCOTUS
Staying on God's side
Another C. Everett Koop?
The slippery slope of freedom
Quotes and thoughts on power
The wrong tools make a messy job
The fear of Norma Rae
Whirlpool's code of misconduct
A closer look at the accused
Whirlpool rewards Catoosa woman for humanitarian service
Whirlpool plays dirty
Appeals process ended
Fox fights FCC over foul content
The match made in tabloid heaven
Anti-Christian bigotry case heads to SCOTUS
Hollywood reaches new low
Selecting five smooth stones
WaPo warns of Tempest, but ignores the Teapot
Sometimes the real story is in the "newsroom"
And how is this not Special Rights?
Word of the day: Fartlek
The Job Situation
Is spelling for the goose, spelling for the gander?
Fiction can't even come lose to competing with this
RNC straying from its voter base
Like I've said all along, Special Rights
4th estate, 5th column
Let's have a complete debate
"Trust me; I'm from the government"
Paying the piper
Appeals process: step one
Another prayer alert
Libertarians are usually not good economists
Texas attempts to aid religious freedom, sort of
A tale of two Americans
Called the OHRC
Our status thus far
We desperately need your prayers!
1 in 4 Muslims under 30 support murdering innocent people
NBC tosses good journalist to boost ratings
More on the San Juan double standard
BOA and Identity Thieves: Cohorts in Crime
An Army of Strawmen
The Selective Doctrine of Separation
Soros buys Obama
Above the laws they themselves make
Michael Moore fights for hypocrite of the year award
A very touching story
The Education Syndicate
Falwell's funeral to be protested, by real bigots
Melissa Busekros update
Try pretending this isn't a mandate
This will be a slow week
Society on trial
A fun day for headlines
Unsavory fellow travelers
A religious test for office?
The joys of socialized medicine
Who defines the terms?
But don't run out and french kiss a lizard just yet
Attack of the jihadi Pizza dude
Twenty-one year long shake down by NOW ended
Mexican flag gets more protection than the US flag -- in the US!
The United States of NATO
Greasing the slippery slope
Can statistics be racist?
Roaring mice, in habits
Overpriced opinion
Journalism run amuck
Gasp! Carbon Credits are a scam?!?
So what country is this again?
Oklahoma: blazing the trail again
California pogrom watch
Compliments we can do without
Bush administration to veto "Thought crimes" bill
My latest post at BlogsForCox
Police violence
Dozens Suspended from Sacramento Area Schools over Day of Silence
Neighborhood objects to new Mosque
Chuck Colson: The Thought Police
"Hotel California" no longer just a metaphor for hell
The only safe place to bee
Obnoxious roadhogs unite!
University of California's lack of reading comprehension...of the Constitution
My latest post at
The enemy of my enemy can be a useful pawn
A rose by any other slur...
A Democrat Apology
Wise as doves; harmless as serpents
Another Border Guard to be sacrificed to appease Mexican hypocrites
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,248
Letting the world spit on our witness
Religious tolerance, endorsement or accommodation
I'm not dead yet!
How do idiots get elected governor?
But he wore his seat belt
Men without chests
And again, Christians must resort to civil courts to protect themselves from bad cops
Those who fail to learn from history
Act now or prepare for jail, part 3
Attack of the mythical Amendment
Act now or prepare for jail, part 2
100,000 out-of-work actors roll their eyes
Ethanol dirtier than gasoline.
Act now or prepare for jail
Melissa Busekros update: Melissa is home!
The White House Correspondents' Dinner
Special rights watch
Using loonies to fight loonies
Will America give refugee status to Canadian Christians fleeing persecution?
Idiot judges suspend intelligent judge
China continues forced abortions
Florida files different charges against Gideons
An eerie warning from 8 years ago
The VT Massacre and a Free Society
Liberals loading the gun
Commentary: Virginia Tech Massacre
Fools and little children
The illusive definition of a "Hate Crime"
Hindus demonstrate "religious tolerance"
Colorado's Copulation Curriculum
"Arrest Gramma" bill begins debate
Disarming news
Taxpayer funded Jihad training in New York City
Children in two states burn by acid on playground
Democrats run screaming from Fox like scared little girls
Insolvent Green
A letter from Eric Volz
Imus and Nifong in contrast
The Oklahoma State Quarter
Germany escalates war on Homeschoolers
Target kicks two marines out of store
State Universities: Social Cancer
The House that Sutton Built
The Hateful Redefining Hate
Beyond Hypocrisy: An even more inconvenient truth
The shame of Dunkirk
Can America take any more Global Warming?!?
Soup Tuesdays
Elizabeth Edwards scared of "poor" neighbor
Liberal attacking Electoral College
Virginia Beach blames incompetent officials on Bill O'Reilly
Rally to be held for falsely imprisoned border guards
Boys Scouts kick ACLU's butt
Stop the ACLU Blogburst
Giuliani commits political suicide
Tolerance for the intolerant in Texas
Ramos-Campeon case gets more twisted
Kerry is completely delusional
Eric Volz in the news
Liberals attempt to steal a state convention
Idiots with degrees
Anti-Christian bigots in government schools blog in this week's Carnival of Homeschooling!
The entire nation inconvenienced for idiotic symbolism
Israeli courts says no to Passover sacrifice
Federal Court Strikes Down School Policy And Orders School To Allow Religious Flyers
It's amazing what they call news these days
The Fred Phenomenon
An answer to my question
A rose by any other smell...
It pays to have standards
The symptoms of a degenerate society
Wolves in sheep's clothing
Eric Volz
When stupidity replaces stupidity
One for the Idiot Judge Hall of Shame
Windows Vista confuses users stupid enough to buy it
Perverted news
Islam continues proselytization by force
Arrests made in Maryland Illegals Raid
More 70s nostalgia
Christians again treated as second class citizens
Columbia University endorses ignorance, intolerance and violence
The Ass. Press does it again
Feinstein finally takes hand out of cookie jar
Melissa Busekros Update
A better 300
Deja Vu all over again
Intolerant victims
The MSM lies so often, it's like second nature
McCain learns why hotlinking images is stupid
Border Patrol Agents' quandary: kill or be prosecuted
Social Services v Families and Faith
In defense of Obama, again
A politician with a sense of humor
Movie Review: Hidden Secrets
Of all the gall...
News the MSM will ignore
Do only lunatics work at the New York Times?
Rethinking the cause of homosexuality
Opinion polls or just opinion?
Making townhall meetings meaningful
The Greenies' war on the incandescent bulb
Another German homeschooling family under assault
Should those who decide the law be above the law?
Homeowner Association Nazis strike again
Now we know why it's called "The View" rather than "The Views"
Government Schooling: "Education" through censorship and ignorance
NEWS ALERT: Bill & Hillary seen together
Vox Day takes on Pajamas Media
Southern Poverty Lunatic Center
Gore in the hot seat
The evils of the separation of Business and Morality
Tolerance, acceptance and endorsement
What we feared saying....
New bill threatens citizen participation
Homosexuals hung on the horns of a dilemma of their own making
Sununu joins the RINO hall of shame
Government schools used for homosexual recruitment
Melissa Busekros update
Liberals and other anti-Christian bigots turning the Constitution on its head
Young Skulls of Mush
The two-faces of Hillary
NAE disses real Evangelicals
Minnesota Dems lay ground for election fraud
Are double-standards moral?
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,247
Who's the Uncle Tom?
We know what you are; now we're just settling on a price
Stealing history
Melissa Busekros update
Straight from the Liberal playbook
Judges are not untouchable
Florida free clinics flooded with pregnant illegals
The French Exodus
Pedophile leers over Obama's children
Catholics oppose Giuliani
More ammo for a Libby mistrial
The diminishing right of Christians
When idiots have power
Wikipedia: Fake but accurate
Prayer requests
Speaking of the PC Gestapo...
US declines UN joke
Kudos to Ann Coulter
Democrats discover perjury
Pattern of government attacks on border patrol
Secular Moslems attempt to woo radical
Machiavellian Church Growth
Dems make mockery of Selma
When Liberals open their eyes
British documentary to debunk Global Warming
Maybe it depends on whose Gore is being oxed
Marie Antoinette got her head cut off for less
Pot calls Kettle, Liberal
Is being an organ donor, dangerous?
Special rights by any other name...
Kerry grills Swift Vet donor
Sterile filth is still filth
Importing crime
According to German "psychiatrist" 98% of the world's children have an emotional disorder
Catch the Illegal: Coming soon to a college near you!
The company they keep: The ACLU and children
Ohio government to implode
Apparently, it was an audition
Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use Is His Own “Inconvenient Truth”
Hillary violates ethics rules
Dick Gregory's autobiography to be banned in NY
LA Koreans get America
Kidnapper is reported to be illegal, already deported
Is Al Sharpton chumming for attention?
A titanic idiot
The intolerant left attack after hour prayers by teachers
Illegal aliens kill more US citizens, per year, than die in Iraq
Testing Performancing FireFox add-on
Ohio woman convicted of murdering foster child
Texas residents gets 11 figure electric bills
Pediatrician turns away tattooed parents
Wife Swap appearance leads to flood of reports to DHS
Nichols claims FBI directed bombing
Ford doesn't get cause and effect
Florida GOP wants to toss property tax for increased sales tax
Courts plays cruel joke on murder victims' family
Supreme Court wimps out on religious tolerance
McCain finds Christians not fond of fair weather friends
The Weekly Stupid Award from Free Republic
Pro-Choice silence is suspicious
Face it, Librarians are insane
German homeschooler moved from psych hospital to "foster" home
Is Obama a Black Bill Clinton?
Worthless, low-life scum
John McCain's convenience abortion stance
Just mean, spiteful and cruel
Stop the ACLU: School has “legitimate state interest” in teaching the homosexual lifestyle, parents have no choice
John Hawkins dives into the deep end of the pool
Raising kids and praising kids
State Farm stops offering home owner insurance in Mississippi
Bank of Mexi... er, America faces backlash
Oakland declares Christians, second class citizens
Second blogger "quits" Edwards
Google loses in Belgium, or is that vice versa?
Why there's a shortage of teachers
College actually has to tell students, Wikipedia is not a valid source!
Sounds like a couple of Uncle Toms to me
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,246
Judge rules against First Amendment
Windows Live Writer (beta)
Germany returns to totalitarianism
Nashville Mayor confused about what country he lives in
Grammy awards turn into political paybacks
Foul-mouthed Lib bloggers "resigns" from Edwards campaign
Anglican Archbishop faces split
Global Warming Watch, continued
News in brief
Tim Russert's unpredictable memory
Global Warming Watch
Liberal bigots oust Black MIT professor
Gideons arrested for "trespassing" on public sidewalk
Warden bans prisoner from sharing Jesus
ACLU attacks small town Ten Commandments display
San Francisco judges rule against Wal-Mart (yawn)
Case against Border Guards begins to unravel
German teen imprisoned in Psych hospital for wanting to be homeschooled
Global Warming: Pseudo-science and Censorship
Blogging Tips
Them Articulate Blacks
Falsely imprisoned border guard beaten in prison
Texas mandates STD inoculation for pre-teen girls
So much for "Hate" crimes
Pornographers target children
Homeschool Links
Those fickle Dems II
Dancing on Martin Luther King's grave
NFL says yes to bars, no to churches
More dirt surfacing about flimsy case against Border Agents
The Christian Army: Shooting our wounded
Yahoo's Spam filter
Oklahoma Homeschoolers' Alert!!
Sacramento Libraries welcome Pedophiles
California's looney Libs to ban the light bulb
What Liberals censored from "Path to 9/11"
Democrats hold one sided hearing on "Global Warming"
New York Times needs a remedial government course
Perhaps it would help if they actually were democratic
Air America pulled from the trash
Jermaine wants Michael to become a Moslem
Be back soon
My comments on the State of the Union address
Then the Dems whined
Homosexual activist abuses court system to harass ministry
The Congressional Bigot Caucus
Choose Life plates in Illinois
The government's war against honest border guards
The Pedophiles for Choice pet DA
CNN's "answers" leave more questions about Obama's madrassa
Fighting for truth, justice and the right to make a complete ass of yourself
Environmentalist caught in their own catch 22
Those fickle Dems
ABC "News" and transparent bias
Is slavery serious or not?
Gagging at gnats; swallowing camels
SMU's glass house
Moslems angry at being portrayed as "violent"
Anti-spanking zealots propose legislation in California
The persecuted church in China
Arkansas votes down bill against Illegal Immigrants
Inclement weather and the Liberal Nanny State
And this is bad, how?
The gift of the EnviroNazi Magi
Good cops head to prison
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,245
Radio hosts fired for causing woman's death
Saudi Arabia: A nation of Michael Newdow's
The Peter Couric Principle
The chaotic religion of Evolution
Must read! A rabbi's warning to U.S. Christians
NYT has cow over CIA credit checks
Lib Bloggers v. KSFO Talk Radio
Hillary may face prison
Significant ruling regarding parental rights
Arrogant journalists: "We'll think for you!"
The lawsuit lottery: Katrina style
Democrats move to stifle grassroots efforts
Drug smuggler walks while good guys face prison
Legitimate or looney?
Farmers "burdened" with obeying the law
A Panoramic Scuttlebutt of Bush's Surge
Dems dim on numbers
The DNC, taxes and chapped lips
New study shows amniotic fluid yields stem cells
Gallows humor
Airport threatens licenses of Moslems cabbies
Spanish Moslems demand Christian Cathedral
More opinion masquerading as news
Prayers for D. James Kennedy
Denver v. New Orleans: a study in contrasts
UN staffer raping children in Sudan
NYT: All the News That's Fit to Invent
Laughing at clueless, rich Liberals
Mass. Libs still playing games
Thank you, John Edwards
Jeb's future
Arizona raises average state IQ overnight
Kansas judge, DA protect mass murderer
Australian pastors convicted of "vilifying" Moslems win appeal
Product review: POC anti-virus from CA
Gerald Ford: 1913-2006
ACLU attacks small town for enforcing the law
Oil and the Democrats' Shell game
Book Review: The Minor Protection Act
Pelosi poised to pitch popular pick
Hussein has a date with a rope
Hillary places a pathetic fourth in Iowa poll
Reuters: a new low in cluelessness
Sandy Burger gets wrists slapped really hard
The boomerang effect of religious bigotry
Capitalism v Socialism: A study in contrasts
Started okay, ended stupid
Baker accused of violating US sanctions
What's missing in this story?
Stoners issue report on weed
I got mentioned on Slate
New York paper puts families of gun owners at risk
More Episcopal congregations flee Liberalized denomination
Burning heretics
Election Commission shows predictable bias
Cool, an interview!
Jim Rutz' soy panic misguided
Democrat Senator undergoes emergency surgery
Unions use fake religion to attack Wal-Mart
Evolution judge caught plagiarizing
First of many expected congregations to leave Episcopal Church
DeVito claims he wasn't drunk
So, like, as I was saying...
Accusing the victim
Self-loathing journalists
Well, Wal-Mart? We're waiting.
CAIR founder running from inflammatory words
Commentary: Chuck Norris drop kicks the ACLU
The Obama hype
Kurds also hate the Baker plan
Jackie Mason joins the list of celebrity bigots
Non-observing Jew want churches banned from being used as polling places
Judge tossed from bench
Murdering murderers is still against the law
Live by pseudo-science, die by pseudo-science
New Iraq Report emboldens terrorists
The Gap Scrooged
What do they teach kids at colleges these days?!?
What passes for free speech in the UK
Religion and politics
New York Health department disappoints multitudes of convicted felons
Weeks of violent rioting in Australia, never happened?
Our silly Main Stream Media
Wife of Georgia State Senator sought for deportation
CAIR, Prager, the Koran and oaths of office
Another word under attack
Food nicknames
Funding a deadly myth
The price of fun
Blind Justice?
Michael Richards, Jesse Jackson and the "N" word
Caution: Don't step on the pseudo-Conservatives
Yes, Virginia, there are stupid people
Kerry who?
So what does a "free" Moslem nation look like?
When the police become more of a threat than the criminals
More on the threat Wal-Mart is funding
The inconvenient truth about 'safe abortion'
Does it get much stupider than this?
Like I was saying...
AFA falls for Wal-Mart bait & switch scam
The Grinches that stole Wal-Mart, 2006 version
Houston courts get loopy
A Watership Down moment: Warren at the crossroads
Fox to imitate competitors' comedy
Rick Warren apparently does want to defend terrorists
Innocent civilians or not?
The sinister secret behind Democrats and the draft
School of the (1984) Future
Truth sacrificed at the alter of sin
Today's blogs posts researched using Netscape
More anti-Christian revisionism
Sorry, but statements by totalitarian governments are not "news"
More propaganda masquerading as news
Truth becomes a casualty at the Supreme Court
The thing about Democrats, they always bring their own rope
"Church" of England endorses infanticide
Rosie O'Donnell is just plain nuts
Democrats twist the knife voters thrust into our troops back
Don't count your chickens before they caucus
It'd be funny if it weren't so sad
Wal-Mart claims to have learned its lesson, but has it?
Book Review: Before I Wake
Liberals still fighting dirty even after winning
Why the election was a good thing
Iraq: a view from outside the war zone
Apparently only one Texas gubernatorial candidate gets religious tolerance
Academic freedom or anti-Christian bigotry
Annoying Commercials
Kerry insults troops, again, what can we do?
Disabling comments, temporarily
The death of Sam Walton's dream?
The sad, sick joke of hate-crime legislation
Kerry with both feet stuck firmly in his mouth
Around the Blogosphere
City pays for being run by bigots
What's, conspicuously, not in the news?
Why we are at war
Who's holding back stem-cell research?
The modern Knights of the Round Table
Michael J. Fox admits he hasn't a clue what he's talking about
How Islam is taking over government schools
Moslem Imam blames women for rape
NCAA still opposes honoring Native-Americans
Mt. Soledad Atheist now faces a higher court
Homeschooling just got much more appealing in Canada
Nazi law used for Nazi-like actions in Germany
Moslems get revenge on Pope by taking Catholic college
"If only those mean Republicans would let us kill more babies, we'd find a cure, I know we will!"
Even more Liberal Hypocrisy
Healing at the cost of murdered babies
The Left's continuing attempt to con Conservative Christians
Solomon had it right
Brown v Scalia
Homosexual Hypocrisy hits Houston Horticulturalist
The proof is in the pudding
Clinton allowed terrorist collaborators to help write 'religious guidelines' for schools
Exercising the Second Amendment
Can "Game Theory" be applied to Israel?
Real-life invisible man discovered!!
The coming war in South Dakota
Reuters still having problems with their photographers
Stupid statement of the day
Homosexual kills child for rejecting sex
Liberal attorney who aided terrorists remains free
FDA slipped up, allowed former chief to get caught
More of the political double standard
Democrat who sodomized underage page lauded by MSM and DNC as hero
Obscurity: the best campaign argument for a Democrat
Catholic college boots Evangelical groups
Zealots and over-kill
The joke of border security
Chuck Colson warns of impending threat from US Prisons
Democrats Politicians discover the double-edged sword of hypocrisy
William & Mary to remove "offensive" feathers
MSM, Israel and Christianity: marginalizing the mainstream
How China is defeating America
Bad news for Katie Couric
Berkeley makes its own laws in order to castigate those it disagrees with
MSM continue to attack GOP and ignore DNC in Foley affair
Is Kerry's '08 solution, fight the truth by silencing it, again?
Sometimes you just have to laugh at the Liberal press...
Crime and concealed carry
South Dakota debates ending holocaust
The fog of MSM lies
Book Review: How The Left Was Won
It's not one world
Gingrich defends Hastert
Libs attack suspected GOP homosexuals, then claim GOP hostile to homosexuals
"Stop the ACLU" BlogBurst: A Short History Of The ACLU
Hollywood loses again
Psychologist fired by city, for being pro-family
MSM distortion of the Foley Affair
Amish school shooting: This says it all
Mexico say good fences don't make good neighbors
Evil Wal-Mart lowers prices for poor people
Vietnam again?
A higher standard
Pedophiles for Choice and Kansas elections
Back to anti-religious idiots egging on violent, extremist Moslems
More Black Americans discovering Homeschooling!
Ann Coulter ravages Slick Willy
The Clinton Legacy
Anti-TV Zealots
Another "choice" incident
US Government sues to defend Orthodox Jews
Boycotting Citgo in the Tulsa area
Anti-Christian bigotry rears its ugly head in Michigan government school
Nazi law used to jail German mother accused of homeschooling
George Allen denies using "N"-word
Israelis now under attack by...Israelis?!?
Dropping gas price frightens idiots
Rewarding the violent in the UK
NBC, hypocrites again
Controversial school bill slips out of Congress
Democrat hypocrisy know no bounds
Cheap meds at Wal-Mart, but there's a catch
Judicial activism in Illinois
Terrorists kill three Christians in Indonesia
Congress moves to require proof of citizenship
Minimum wage v. Tariffs
Just when you thought judges couldn't get more idiotic...
Oprah unleashes thug lawyers on KC man for wanting her to run for president
The coup in Thailand and world Islamic tyranny
Abortion and Parental Rights, right?
Moslems murder thousands, talk radio blamed for public's reaction
How do you register to comment at
Talk about arrogant judges...
Pat Buchanan: An example of what happens when you don't know when to shut up
Citizens in South Dakota fight back against Judicial Activism
Filed under: Who in the world cares?
Liberals find sauce for the goose, rather untasty
Dissecting stupidity: A look at an ABC News Op/Ed on "Jesus Camp"
Out of the hospital...
In hospital
Has immigration become a political "red-headed step-child"?
Lessons from Norway
Another one the Worshippers of Death lost
The choices that "Pro-Choice" doesn't care about
Radical Anti-Semitism return to Europe
A fresh look at the Zapruder film
Tempting fate, or at least airport security
As if Wal-Mart didn't have enough troubles
Guest blogging at RightWingNews
Palestinian holds British Embassy at gunpoint, demanding asylum
California Christians urged to remove children from government schools
Space shuttles to be scrapped
Marine Medics Race Time To Save Local Girl
Stop the ACLU blogburst: The ACLU vs. America — The Numbers Don’t Lie
Maywood, California surrenders to Mexico
News from Sodom and Gomorrah
CNN's Kyra Phillips' husband is apparently a "really passionate, compassionate great, great human being" launched
Court bars government school from censoring religious material
Meanwhile, back in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory...
Hate crime cover-up in Southern California
New York Times bemoans performance of Charter Schools
The Stem Cell debate: Know the players
How to lose me as a software customer
Israeli complacency may also be a casualty of Hezbollah's attacks
Rabbi speaks out against ADL's attack on James Kennedy
Accident or religious discrimination?
It's official: Diplomacy Kills!
ACLU wants authorities even more hamstrung in catching illegals
Supreme Court petitioned over Anti-Christian policy of New York schools
Bad Texas law threatens innocent woman's life
Burger King Grinch
LBJ: Light Bulb Jokes
Kennedy responds to ADL
Paramount dumps cult member Cruise
Judicial Watch exposes ACLU judge as ...ACLU judge
ACLU v. Gideons
Evolutionists fear the chain of logic
School children allowed in sexually graphic homosexual parade
Taxing churches: The power to tax, is the power to control
Hezbollah buys local support
Iran denies inspectors access to site
Did Jackie Passey frisch herself?
The Lebanese two-step
Judge Anne Diggs Taylor v. FDR
I guess judges are insane
My (lay) analysis of the NSA ruling
Judge that ruled against NSA has history of ignoring the law
IDF, Lebanese, Hizbullah Side By Side
Something to annoy the ACLU
Influx of Iraqi police in small Euphrates River town means more security, less insurgent activity
Iraqi, Coalition forces squelch violence in Baghdad
Light blogging today
Typical Middle East ceasefire: only Israel stops shooting
Interesting, if true
Americans confuse Seven Dwarves with SCOTUS (can you blame them?)
Iran in race with Denmark for offensive, stupid cartoons
Labels are political/issues marketing
Con artists target churchgoers
Connecticut Democrats suffer voters' remorse
New York Times involved in latest terrorist plot
Walk softly and carry a big, thermo-nuclear armed, stick
Ann Coulter's column is out!
Enough rope to hang themselves
Life without Google
Fake photos flood war coverage
The myth of Media impartiality
Bad day for incumbents
Hypocrisy at the University of Wisconsin
ACLU threatens Katrina memorial
Chemical test on former abortion clinic show horrifying amount of blood
LA Mayor "neutral" on terrorism
Lebanon rejects peace cease-fire
How bad journalism promotes bad science
Bloggers never forget
Border patrol agents face 20 years in prison, for doing job
The carnage in Israel
Homosexual activists facing reality after serious defeats
Alaska oil field to to shut down
Something cool I just found
Coalition Forces Conduct Strikes in Baghdad
Iraq: Coalition Force Capture 3 Terrorists And 10 Other Suspects
Iraq: Coalition Forces Wound 1 Suspected Terrorist, Capture 8 Others
Iraq: Coalition Forces Capture 6 Terrorist Suspects
Homosexual-activist cop threatens Christians
More fraud uncovered in Qana
Moslem's rewarded for bad behavior, again
Let's see how serious drinkers are about the importance of a designated driver
Many Hollywood Jewish leaders silent on Gibson
ACLU sues to prevent better education
ACLU accuses Black mayor of profiling Blacks
News from Iraq
Some Republicans striving to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
Two boys rescued from pedophile's hideout
Ted Baehr on "Talladega Nights"
Oh, and about Mel Gibson...
MPAA backpedals, but claim they didn't
News agencies denies Qana staging
People who live in glass houses...
A story likely to be ignored
Liberals deplore violence against cockroaches; push for diplomacy and negotiations
8th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment takes on mission in Al Jihad
Oklahoma Driver's License
How the MSM distorts the news from Israel/Lebanon
Dennis Prager: Moral bankruptcy of 'world opinion'
Alan Keyes on negotiating with Hezbollah
Reminder: When visiting Florida, don't let muggers know you're a tourist
Mitt Romney offends me by apologizing and he should apologize!
Extending the logic
Would Liberals demand "diplomacy" with the Klan?
Rabbis urge prayer for Israel
Different rules of war for Moslems terrorists, than for Israeli Jews
More moron journalism
Democrats and homosexuals use confusion to thwart the democratic process
Meanwhile in occupied Canada
Chicago City Council declares war on Wal-Mart
Ohio decision may allow SCOTUS to backpedal on Kelo
News from Israel
More viewpoint intolerance from homosexual activists
Judge tosses ACLU suit against AT&T
PlameGate dies a sad, lonely death
Another example of journalistic dishonesty
Social workers threaten child's safety to force their personal medical views
Scientist may have discovered a second code hidden within DNA
How long until the ACLU descends on this town?
New ABC show, recipe for instant DOA
Bubba's attempt at painting himself pro-Black, hurts poor Blacks
I'm still trying to decide if this is a joke
If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...
Banned in India (and they're darn proud of it, too)
When technology and prophecy collide
Stop the ACLU, blogburst
"Michael Newdow is a moron" bill passes House
Awesome, incredible book!
I stand with Israel!
Dissecting Bad Journalism
Terrorism collaborator, NYT makes financial cutbacks
Microsoft goes after pirates
AMA wants doctors to stop assisting in executions
Oprah claims she's not a lesbian
Joseph Farah: MSM anti-Israel slant exposed
Wiccans insist on Satanic symbol on grave markers
Crosses vandalized for "unknown reason"
Internet advertising troubled by "click fraud"
Britain discovers what America already knew: subsidizing bad behavior, encourages bad behavior
American Criminal Liberties Union
Menorah ban in Fort Collins
Communist owned Citgo in trouble
UPDATE: Illicit Amish “raw milk” cartel
Israel whoops butt
Here we go again: Palestinians never learn
Breaking news!! Robert Novak reveals that he's already revealed all that he's ready to reveal
Berkeley bias against scouts to got to SCOTUS
Recycled post: How idiots define plagiarism
Democrats: The GOP's secret weapon
AOL investigated by NY Attorney General
My adventure in Online Coupons
DeadZone turned into pro-abortion, political soapbox
Does the First Amendment guarantee the right to force people to hear and see vulgarity?
Always handle loaded hyperbole with care
Warping reality
Good argument against women's suffrage
Educators cheat government and kids
Florida Department of Health attacks supporter of Terri Schiavo
Man rolls pig head into Mosque
Prosecutors go soft on Rush for not committing a crime
China: a Democrat Utopia
Civil Liberties for Terrorists But Not for American Troops
Annoying neighbors shooting fireworks...besides North Korea
Review a produce, get a chance to win $100 gift certificate!
Internet art for sale: Origami boulder!!
Operation Rescue shuts down abortion clinic. Minnesota funds life
ACLU demands removal of painting of Jesus
Congressman call for removal of NYTs c'redentials
Small town mayor accused of corruption
Ohio cracks down on illicit, Amish "raw milk" cartel
Howard Dean confirms suspicion that he's a fruitcake
Michael Moore to make money off exploiting slain soldier
Military continues to discriminate against Christians
Buffet and Gates' billions: God save us from money in the hands of fools
German Homeschoolers appeal to Human Rights Court
Lesbian who molested student get slap on wrist
Book Review: Homeschooling Methods
Rush still the target of Liberal witch-hunt
White-Supremist "researcher" claims homosexuality caused by big brothers
Our military attacking our own soldiers: here we go again
Homosexual just don't get that PR thing
Single-sex school, not as beneficial to girls as supposed
Spinning Haditha (and other commentary)
Even more WMD found in Iraq
ACLU defends communist propaganda for children
Speaking of dimwits
Street Preaching
More from the Episcopal pseudo-church
Exposing the Terrorists' Allies
Missing soldiers, reportedly, found tortured and killed
Connie Chung makes embarrassing exit from hubbie's tabloid show
Pentagon still acknowledges the truth about homosexuality
Episcopalians and Presbyterians abandon any semblance to real Christianity
Christian persecution here and abroad
Another power-mad judge run amuck
Homosexual groups sues to force objectionable ads
Grand jury declares open season on capitol police
How Liberals arm terrorists
Dixie chicks scrounge north for fans
Anglican split: Sheep among wolves
Government School Gulags
Homosexual advocates teaching hate
Ann Coulter: Party of rapist proud to be godless
Congress gets a raise, well, sort of
The Katrina Con
Pandering to the poor
SD legislators ousted for opposing abortion ban
iPod made by slaves?
MSM continue to prove Ann right
Gitmo suicides
Coburn wants UN held [gasp] accountable
When is it Judicial activism?
WND insults Christians by referring to Pseudo-church as "Christian"
So what is a "Hate Crime"?
British Press claims Zarqawi beaten to death
Three Brit soldiers cleared in Iraqi death
Good News: He didn't die quickly
Back to Ann
Blown to smithereens
The double standard Christians face
Ann Coulter is right
Man rapes horse; horse dies
Comments are turned off for now
Muskogee vet performs unauthorized surgeries on neighbor's puppy
ACLU seeks to widen Democrat voter base
10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid
Cynthia McKinney investigation drags on
Ad hominem: The last resort of those who know they've lost the debate
Commentary on Haditha
NYT continues Kerry propaganda
Putting Haditha in more perspective
Even a broken clock is right twice a day
Excuse me your "Culture of Death" is showing
Artist sues over censorship of Bible verses
ACLU defends pedophiles' rights to easy access to children
Harry Reid: no more bribes for me
Bird flue "explodes" in Indonesia
Pedophile friendly judge may lose seat
New discovery, except I read about it 20 years ago from Creationists
Google honors the memory of fallen ignoring them
Vote Lottery?!?
Harry Reid on ethics
Life in the 21st Century
Appeals court rejects censorship of opponents of the religion of Evolution
Another idiot judge allows pedophile to go free
A possible solution for power hungry judges
Ann Coulter: Apple-Polisher Shows P.O.W. Real Courage
ABC News a bit confused
Drugs could have saved Terri Schiavo
Censored Christian win against bigoted University
Al Gore: "Stop using up the world's resources, so so there's more for ME!!"
Elton John blames Catholic Church for wages of sin
Can three branches vying for absolute power be balanced?
Dixie Chicks on the verge of alienating their remaining two fans
ACLU launches new PR campaign to combat imaginary threats
Not evil, just incredibly stupid
He's the Fox; are we the Hen House?
Ninth Circus at it again
On homosexual adoption
Massachusetts legislature considering quadrupling funding for homosexual recruitment in government schools
Michael Medved's review of The DaVinci Code
Kentucky High School Graduates show guts
How do you say "Hypocrite" in Spanish?
Must have been a "tough" interview
No "Culture of Corruption" here, folks, move along
Hollywood: Of course Albinos are evil; they're white aren't they!
What's with the Florida authorities?!?
Why do clueless people get paid to do research?
It's hard to keep Darwinists from their racist roots
Reuters not on good terms with the truth
A day out of the ordinary for me
We're a Nielsen's Family!!
Live Blog Reading Last Night
CNN screws up again
Bush's CIA pick
Another media attack on Stay-at-Home-Moms
AIDS: The Myth that's to lucrative to die
Liberals v. Extreme Liberals in fight over pseudo church
When anti-Christian bigots make and enforce the law
More Da Vinci Confusion
Brit doctors take a stand against euthanasia
When stupid people are given power
Top "facts" about Chuck Norris
COPE: Turning the internet into the World Wide Waste?
Run for it!! It's Bird Flu!!
The last thing we need in the middle of Armageddon is for some "accident" to happen
CIA #3 man quits
Ad campaign to make illegals look nice
Polygamist leader on FBI most wanted list
Beheading video a hoax
Wal-Mart fights for smiling faces
Narnia actress displays anti-Christian bigotry
The Da Vinci Correction
Florida laws in action
Who wouldn't want one of these?!?
Question for my fellow Oklahomans
Minutemen success
Day without (Illegal) Immigrants, backfires
Ann's column is out!!
What we have to look forward to when illegals finish importing their culture to the U.S.
When idiots conduct "scientific" studies
Students suspended due to Liberal Double Standard
German Catholics seek to ban anti-Catholic cartoon series
A Cloaking device?
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,244
Remember, he's a Democrat
Summary of yesterday's protest
DNA free another, but still no indictment of those who put an innocent man behind bars
More cutbacks at PCUSA
The media spin on the White House Correspondent Dinner
Gas prices and the MSM's short memory
Gringos go to work and shop day!!
Maine blogger under attack by big business
Andrea Clark update
Andrea Clark update
ACLU Blogburst
Gas prices and Democrat hypocrisy
The cartoons wars continue
Day of Truth
Florida self-defense laws spreads
May 1st: "Nothing Gringo" day in Mexico [snicker]
Woman spanked at work, sues
White house Snow job
Resolution to abandon government schools to be introduced to SBC again
More on Andrea Clark
ABC caught in wrong side of Child Protection Hype
Are the public Libraries safe any more?
ACLU loses 10 Commandments censorship attempt
The worshipers of Death are trying to take another innocent life!!
Who the crap cares?!?
Clintons mocking the law...again
When the undertaker wants to take your measurements, is it time to worry?
Fake Baptists for Fake Education
Osama's useful idiots
Homeowners association bars religious meetings
Meanwhile, while we treat Communist Chinese leaders with dignity...
San Francisco Court upholds censorship of anti-homosexuality messages
Are non-Moslems "filth"
How the MSM empowered the Clinton machine
Chavez: loonies as ever
Importing Mexican jobs?
The Chernobyl wildlife refuge
Ohio book burning follow-up
Forty-plus-year old fruitcake discovered (no, not Tom Cruise, another kind)
April 19th in history
Tulsans, avoid Glass Masters
When anti-Christian bigots attack
Constitutional right to vandalize?
CAIR quietly admits it supports terrorism
If they don't get al-Jaafari, they don't get shiite
Iran: another roaring mous
Liberals endanger the innocent to protect the guilty
Turning America into a third-world toilet
Modern day book burning at Ohio State
Italians anger Moslems with illustration of Dante's Inferno
Red light cameras and the American culture
At least she's a prisoner of a "trendy" cult
American PC Inventor
Of Blogs and Boycotts
Roundup: Iran with a nuke
Roundup: Paging Bilal Hussein
Roundup: Iraqi trailer trash or WMD?
How not to market your cause: Lesson #1
ATF increases efforts to make self look stupid again
Gates goofy, gaza-greenhouse giveaway
How not to market your cause: Lesson #2
Crazy got a gun! What do we do?!?
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,232
Moslems murder Moslems in Pakistan
Legislating religion from the bench
Et tu, Hindu?
Book Review: Presumed Guilty
Google caught hosting child molesters
Why I homeschool: reason #4,564,231
Why do Moslems fear freedom of religion?
Warning: this post will contain insulting derogatory names (and if you read it, you'll probably say them, too)
Okay, can someone please explain to me how this could have not been a mistake?
Gullible researchers will fall for just about anything
Liberal churches too offensive even for homosexuals
An American hero
So how much did the piper get paid?
Activists posing as journalists
European Imams paint the picture of a "kinder friendlier" Islam
New regulations for immigrants?
Book Review: To Train Up a Child
What Homosexual agenda?!?
Plame affair gets muddied even further
Cynthia McKinney redefines "apology"
Clueless in Boston
Lost posts
Government school bans patriotic clothing
An individual with drive and creativity is always a winning recipe
Possibly your absolute worst nightmare: Glued to a toilet
Who owns the patent on arrogance?
This just in: Premature babies feel pain! Who'd'a thunk?
Book Review: Help! Mom! Hollywood's in My Hamper!
Idiotism revisited
Indiana public school principle encourages dishonesty and deception
School Counselor Convention kicks out Ex-Gay group
Palestinian Authority bad for Christians
DeLay lets down supporters
US Attorney reviewing McKinney case
This is sooo wierd
Bill Clinton's sole presidential legacy
Extreme Makeover: Animal Torture Edition
What's Falwell thinking
London Telegraph attacks bloggers
Surprise!! Study finds what researchers wanted desperately to find
Terri Schiavo: murdered one year ago today
Wait aren't the cops supposed to be the good guys?
New Orleans will cost more to make safe. Taxpayers expected to toss more money
Sometimes I'm really glad I live in the US
When is flag desecration not flag desecration?
Exporting immorality
Cynthia McKinney beats up cop
Visiting alternate realities: FISA judges and the MSM
Hostage Jill Carroll released
Abdul Rahman is safe in Italy
Book Review: How to be Your Own Publicist
$4,334.33 for lunch at Burger King?!?
IT Industry picks Bluetooth as standard for home device communications
EU afraid of Windows Vista
Afghan Parliament angered at Rahman's release
Education wolves in Homeschool sheep's clothing.
Congress, pornographers and the internet
Did we really free Afghanistan? Do we even care?
FEC backs off bloggers
Some girls you just don't mess with
What color is the prostrate cancer awareness ribbon?
Abdul Rahman update
Real life Memorite!!
Wifi theft
Dutch outraged at offensive speech
Making blogging a little bit easier
In blind rage at Christianity, secularist attack secular holiday
Afghan Judge stubbornly resists efforts to save Rahman
Lawsuit forces University to obey Constitution
Hillary becomes spokesperson for the Son of God
China exporting body parts to be made into make-up<
Child killed for refusing to call mother's lesbian lover "daddy"
Adbul Rahman, accused Christian
New events in the Natalee Holloway story
Liberal bigots cancel "Diversity Day" rather than be diverse
More rape victims of New York Social worker
Under the blind knife of socialized medicine
Talk about sour grapes
Bush deflects idiot's question about Armageddon
More reasons why I homeschool
Rabbi calls for UN of religions
I survived Wichita!
Pardon for Rosa Parks in question
Man to be executed in Afghanistan for being a Christian
Spielberg sued over abuse of little girl
"V" apparently is for "Very Bad Movie"
Bloggers, elections and the law
More evidence Liberals will ignore
Church burners remain in jail; media continue to distort truth
Is it really possible that Liberals can be this stupid?!? (Part II)
Tennessee Democrats attack Wal-Mart
Court awards money to wrongfully imprisoned man
The worshippers of death and the camel's nose
Scalia rips "judge-moralists"
Bush's approval rating at 33%, Evolutionists argue over feathers, and other crap that has nothing at all to do with reality
Is it really possible that Liberals can be this stupid?!?
Are America's Libraries becoming porn shops?
Souter escapes petard hoisting
Ending racism or extending it?
"Some are just more equal than others"
Homeschool Carnival #11 is up
Hypocrite of the day
ACLU, NAACP assume Blacks are criminals
Google now available on Mars
Pat Robertson shocks Liberals by calling violent Moslems "bad"
Brokeback Motors
In spite of glaring evidence, church fires not considered "hate-crimes"
Chicago Tribune exposes 2,600 CIA agents
Middle school decides to obey Constitution
Ten Things Wal-Mart Doesn't Want You To Know, or do they?
Was Dubai another Harriet Myers gambit
The PC double standard
Illinois homosexual activists get ugly
California courts allow Berkeley to discriminate
Scottish courts force religious schools to hire Atheists
ACLU v the Gideons
Death worshipper fight to take another innocent life
Google caught, once again
Roe v Wade for men?
Hey, MovableType!
Palestinian aid based on fraud, study says
"Se Habla Español?!?"
Can Google be trusted?
Some ugly secrets about abortion the Pro-Death activists don't want you to know
Family, Technology and mobility
Preparing for when America wakes up
Rock band: Don't call us Christian!
New York Times reaches new low in muckraking
The Old Grey Lady v. the Big Blue Store
Book Review: What's the Deal with Wicca?
Moslems have the gall to protest desecration of holy site
Tax exempt status maintained for the Heresy Network
The realities of social strata hit Houston
The MSM at
Book Review: Credo
New free service
A tip for bloggers
Evolution a theory?
CBS Poll Puts Bush Approval At Negative Bazillion
Christian school distance itself from "brokeback" alumna
The MovableType 3.2 blues
How seriously do Clinton nominated SC Justices take their job?
Jerusalem Post runs story without checking with who the story is about
The Dutch wake up to reality
Obscure, 230 year-old document forces U of Wisconsin to allow freedom of religion
Preparing for Big Brother
Mississippi Governor will sign abortion ban
Isn't it supposed to be winter?!?
Why did this case take 20 years to resolve?!?
Speaking of deceitful Liberals
...and their allies in the press
UAE port takeover
An old hacking trick gets a new face
Education: From bad to worse
Visit South Dakota, and tell 'em "good job"
Some Moslems still just don't get it
IRS makes its perennial, meaningless squawk about churches and politics
WCC v. MegaChurches: Pot calling the kettle black
Don Knotts: The Death of the real American
Massachusetts poised to make homosexual recruitment mandatory for government schools
Vouchers, Politics and Race
Wal-Mart vs. Big Brother Liberals
California DCFS attempts to mandate content of speech
Moral activists target "Desperate Housewives"
ACLU angry that Judicial Oligarchy not respected
Wyoming bill would allow concealed-carry without a permit
The ironic truth behind Hate Crimes
Christian college endorse revisionist history by changing mascot name
Enlightened Europe: Netherlands ponders forced abortions for Blacks
Four-year-old and Gramma defend faith against Head Start teacher
Doctors refuse to participate in execution
Book Review: PayPal Wars
States respond to Kelo
More than 500 Scientist sign paper declaring skepticism of Evolution
Minnesota Democrats wage war on our troops
Religion of Evolution strives to get "religion" out of school by using Liberal pastors
Man gets three years in prison for being a moron
Parenting by chemicals
Student sues to sit during pledge
Is Focus losing Focus on real Families?
Homosexual activism and government schools
Falsely accused teacher wins $18 million
Black History Month or Atheist Black History Month?
ATF ignores law and targets gunshows
Refugees caught in Patriot Act red tape
Oprah acknowledges mistake in omitting homeschoolers
ACLU, agnostics continue attack on Boy Scouts
Could hospital blunder be new cancer cure?
VP shooting victims takes turn for worse while media hound White House
Scalia rips "Living Document Idiots"
Book Review: The Witness
University Dems: "We don't need to honor any more rich white males"
Ted Rall can dish it out but can't take it
Abuse of relief funds at an alarming high
Pardon the mess
Lies, distortion and propaganda disguised as news in AP and Florida Sun-Sentinel
Drugging your kids into good behavior can prove fatal
After ten churches are set fire, authorities finally decide it's arson
Cheney accidentally shoots hunting companion
The Profane Secularist
"I didn't mean to hurt anyone; I was just exercising my freedom to swing my fist"
ACLU join attack on religion
The Battle of Extremist Idiots
Islam, cartoons and the real insult
Kelo overruled, but for the wrong reason
Elderly woman kills home intruder
PC madness: 6-year-old suspended for "sexual harassment"
Anglicans join terrorists
Broadband and big business
Speaking of monopolists: Microsoft finally announces OneCare
Magazine review: The Old Schoolhouse, Winter 2006
Life imitates satire
Reason #5,497 why I homeschool
More Kelo backlash
AOL and Yahoo to become partners in spamming venture
Book review: Global Deception
Class action suit against Navy brought by chaplains
Wikipedia bans Congressional staffers
Five churches torched in Alabama
Florida ban on home prayer meetings slapped down by higher court
Stop the ACLU Blogburst: Do We Have Them On The Run Yet?
Oprah bans homeschoolers
ADL tries to ban Jesus
Congressman moves to ban RU-486
Alito off to a wimpy start
Big Brother turns greedy eyes to tithes
EU moves to outlaw opposition to sodomy
Fatwa this!
ABC's Wife Swap and national politics
What's good enough for Google...
You'll know them by their obtuseness or is it just pettiness
Six Questions for Jews--From Christians
Group urges boycott of Citgo
Putting CAIR in their place
Norway apologizes and empowers thugs
Homosexual recruitment at taxpayers' expense
Scandal hits the baking world!!
Pro-father activist called intimidating
Massachusetts house rejects church finance disclosure
...and your father smelt of elderberries!
Competition is a good thing
Public School attempts to mandate acceptance of immorality
Pedophile loving Vermont judge to consider re-sentencing
Jewish chaplain sued for refusing to serve kosher
Kicking Kelo where it hurts
EEOC: Finding new and unique ways to waste taxpayers money
After legal threat, school allows Moslem student to pray
Religious persecution in England
Capital prayer ruckus in Omaha
Book of Daniel creator rants over the demise of his trashy show
Book of Daniel cancelled!!
So what does Separation really mean?
Swift justice in Houston
Would America elect a Mormon?
Another Blog tag thingy
Hypocrite, thy name is Dignan
A Friend in need
Op-Ed Bites
Ann Coulter never fails to crack me up
Liberals fight dirty
Judges go easy on homosexual pedophiles
Texas church kicked out of Association for endorsing sin
Kelo: So much for the doctrine of separation
World Net Daily releases top ten under-reported stories of 2005
California school imposes religious indoctrination on students
Teddy Kennedy's full closet
Carnival of Homeschooling #3
California's doofus anti-gun laws
Democrats, again, reneg on deal (like anyone's surprised)
Teenagers and blogging
Commentary on commentary: Jim Rutz's lack of understanding what Fundamentalism really is
Celebrating Segregation
Congressman offers bill to hold back judicial tyranny
Anti-Christian high school principal loses in court
Lonnie Latham, the law and credibility
Pork the other fluorescent green meat!
Some PayPal customers complain about tax records delay
So who is CAP?
Book Review: Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed!
Michael New continues to fight
Advertisers flee from hate-mongering NBC show
While Teddy grills Samuel Alito, an anniversary to note
Is the law a blind idiot?
Dispelling some myths about Hitler
Anti-Christian bigotry alive and thriving in the Big Apple
Cuban refugees send back to Caribbean hell because of loophole
Angry at bank, man repays one cent at a time
Why is Roe v. Wade so important
Courts again rule with bias against men
NBC stubbornly holds onto failing, anti-Christian show
So tell me again how abortion is supposedly good for women?
Vermont Judge gives child-rapist slap on wrist
Canada considering Sado-Masochism as a "sexual orientation"
Evolutionists desperate to defend their religion
Infamous Florida Supreme Court tosses school vouchers
Indiana NBC affiliate drops anti-Christian hate-mongering show
Signs of Intelligence on College Campuses
Jan 17-22: Sanctity of Human Life Week
Liberal Orwellianism: Tookie Williams the same as Terri Schiavo
Stop the ACLU BlogBurst: Exposing on the founders
Politics makes strange bed-fellows
Microsoft to issue Windows Meta File patch
Fact is stranger than fiction, because who would make stuff like this up?
From the "Some people have way too much time on their hands" file
Illegals threaten health care for Americans
Is BET really that out of touch?
NEA caught with pants down
Help rid NBC of anti-Christian bigotry!!
NBC mocks Christians
Cat calls 911?
Bush "claims" saving American lives is a good thing