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May 08, 2002

Almost a happy ending

A police sapper assisted by a robot neutralizes an explosive device carried by the bomber.
(Photo: Baz Ratner, Ha'aretz)

A suicide bomber managed to blow himself up, almost, but fortunately was too incompetent to harm anyone else, Ha'aretz reports. What would have made it a truly happy ending would be if the bomb had gone off while the vermin was surrounded by his Palestinian terrorist accomplices. 

Obviously these suicide bombers need more practice. I call upon the nation of Israel to provide an educational program for would be suicide bombers, in the interest of public safety. A large area should be secured, possibly a soccer field, and any prospective suicide bombers can come for a suicide bomber how-to seminar complete with live explosives. Each attendee would be fitted with a live bomb, and can then practice (hopefully just once) setting the explosives off. Maybe these seminars could be provided on a regular basis, as long as there are those wishing to get it right the first time.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 8, 2002 02:18 PM