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May 11, 2002

And the weapon of choice for the 9/11 terrorists was . . .?

Senate Democrats are insisting that pilots not be armed, that a locked door is sufficient protection, reports CNSnews.com. Ernest Hollings (Dem-S.C.), Senate Commerce Committee Chairman, said, "Pilots are there to fly, not shoot. It's not ho-hum up there. You don't get up and stretch. You fly the plane. Airlines could outfit their cockpits with rest rooms adequate for long journeys," Since greeting passengers during a flight has been a long tradition with many pilots, one wonders if the Senator has ever actually flown. On March 14 Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said, "I've expressed a personal opinion on this, I don't feel that we should have lethal weapons in the cockpit." Mineta seems oblivious to the fact that an airplane cockpit is a weapon. This sounds strikingly similar to the incident where a security professional was allowed to wear his gun, but had his fingernail clippers confiscated, lest they be used as a weapon.

Oh, for you Liberals who take a bit to catch on, the answer to the title is . . . an airplane.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 11, 2002 08:54 AM