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May 20, 2002

Another Windmill Fades Away

After 8 years of the "most ethical administration in history" with it's record number of non-stop scandals, Democrats have been scurrying furiously trying to create a "Bush scandal". First it was "He stole the election"-gate, which simply made the Dems look like a bunch of whining babies. Then it was the "He's too dumb to be President"-gate, gleefully joined in by such genious, political commentators as Jay Leno and David Letterman. But after 9/11 the shallowness of such a claim made almost all Liberals back away from it. The it was Enron-gate, which was constructed out of pure Democrat hot air, and has since lost any energy it most have hoped for. Now it appears the Democrats' latest do-it-yourself Presidential scandal, "He knew about 9/11 ahead of time"-gate has died before it could even escape the echoes of the Sunday afternoon pundits (formerly known as talking heads). I wonder what they'll come up with next? Maybe "He's really an alien"-gate, or "He shot JFK"-gate, or maybe even "He has the gall to not be a corrupt, self-absorbed, womanizing, pot-smoking, draft-dodging, rapist"-gate.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 20, 2002 12:13 PM