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May 09, 2002

Ant Bites Elephant on Rear. Elephant says, "Ouch!"

Several months ago several calls to boycott anti-Israel newspapers went out. I figured they probably wouldn't amount to  much. It seems they did. According to World Net Daily, a group called StandWithUs.com has been successful in getting a large number of people to drop their LA Times subscription, in protest of the LA Times slant against Israel. The paper claims that the number of cancellations were small, but after about 1,000 cancellations were called in on April 17th, they arranged a meeting with the leadership of StandWithUs. After airing their concerns, the group declared a one month truce, to see if the Times will "mend it's ways". If at the end of that time they haven't, the boycott will be back on.

Of course if the Times were really consistent to their word, they would have offered StandWithUs.com large parcels of valuable land in exchange for the unsecured promise of peace, wouldn't they.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 9, 2002 07:45 AM