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May 09, 2002

Bush: the Man with the Plan

Arabs nations seem open to Bush's idea of letting CIA chief Tenet restructure the Palestinian Authority, on the condition that Israel leave occupied lands (which could mean absolutely anything since most of not all of these nations see the whole of Israel as occupied lands). I'm figuring Bush is relying on the general stupidity of these Middle East Arab types. There were rumors several decades ago that the CIA was secretly selling high tech arms to America's enemies. The idea was that these arms were so sophisticated, that the buyers were unaware that we could detect and neutralize them, since we built them, thus, making much of the enemy's weaponry useless against us. It would seem the Arabs are equally naive when it comes to a CIA engineered PA. The PA has been notorious for ignoring any and all needs of it's people, while diverting most of the funds poured in toward making weapons to use against Israel. I don't know what Tenet can do about the trend for all Middle East Arab governments to be up to their eyeballs in corruption, but best of luck to him.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 9, 2002 07:47 AM