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May 14, 2002

Buttinsky ex-Presidents

Well, first it was Clinton sneaking in for an unscheduled meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, a few hours after Bush's meeting, keeping the prince up to wee hours of the morning. What was discussed is unknown. That it is highly improper not to mention extremely rude to end run around the sitting President like that, but then again this is Clinton. Now Former President Carter is contradicting the State Department and claiming there is no link between Cuba and middle east terrorists. Then again this is Carter we're talking about. If he's dimwitted enough to actually think anything can be accomplished by going and licking the boots of a mass murdering dictator like Castro, then I can see how he could say almost anything. These poor guys, they were miserable failures as Presidents, and now they want to keep sticking their noses into Bush's business.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 14, 2002 04:48 PM