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May 09, 2002

Conflicting Stories from the Church of the Nativity

Some news outlets are reporting that a deal has been struck with the terrorists holding hostages in the Church of the Nativity, others are reporting that the deal has been rejected. The initial deal was for some other nation to take the lion's share of the terrorists as a sort of exile. I still can't figure Israel's thinking in that. Even if they found a country willing do take them (which they haven't yet) the creeps would be back in Israel within a week, murdering more innocent civilians. Well, anyway, Israel agreed to allow about 26 of the terrorists to be transported to Gaza (?!?) in exchange for 80 of the hostages to be freed. Buses arrived, everyone was set. Then the Palestinians made a last minute demand. They wanted a European "observer" (trans: hostage) to stay with the remaining 13 terrorists until a "host" country could be found. Sound like typical Palestinian tactics. Agree to everything, then throw in an impossible condition at the last minute so you can go tell everyone the other side wouldn't negotiate. I'm waiting for them to demand that the letter "M" be stricken from the alphabet (apologies to Steve Martin)


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 9, 2002 07:48 AM