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May 30, 2002

Finally it makes sense

All this time I was wonder what kind of lobotomized moron, during a time of national crisis, makes out airport screening a joke and claims pilots shouldn't be armed. At first I just assumed it was a product of the collective idiocy US government beaurocrats are prone to, until I found their dirty little secret.

Remember a few years back when some idiot ATF director had Randy Weaver charged on bogus charges, and then organized a full out, surprise assault on his him, resulting in the murders of his son and wife? The ATF director who was in charge of that was a sleaze-wad named John Magaw. A jury awarded Weaver some $3 million for the ATF's screw-up and the Senate, after hearing Magaw claim that there was nothing wrong with murdering a woman, armed with an infant, in cold blood, recommended the entire ATF be scrapped, shut down, abolished, etc. So had Magaw been an ordinary citizen he would be behind bars right now, but Magaw had friends in high places, so he was hidden at FEMA for awhile (who pays attention to FEMA?) and recently brought out of hiding and placed in the Department of Transportation as the Under Secretary of Transportation and assistant to Secretary Mineta. Guess who's been the apparent point man on many of these really stupid decisions made by the DOT? Yep, your right, our ole bud Magaw, the butcher of Ruby Ridge.

I appreciate Neal Boortz and Ann Coulter who brought this matter up. Now it's up to us to get something done about it. To contact the DOT to complain about their use of a criminal like Magaw you can call 202-366-4000 or email them at dot.comments@ost.dot.gov. To complain to the President (who appears to have had a hand in helping Magaw's career) you can call 202-456-1111 or email them at president@whitehouse.gov. You can use the Senate's contact page to find out how to contact your senator, to let him or her know how you feel about our national security being in the hands of a cold blooded murderer. You can also find your Congressman's contact information at their site.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 30, 2002 09:25 AM