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May 15, 2002

More Working Families Seeing Taxes Raised . . . Big Surprise.

Ok, let's start with the basic philosophy behind Communism/Socialism: People are stupid, therefore if you claim you are helping them, you can rob them blind, enslave them and keep all their crap for yourself. Now, the misnamed political philosophy of Liberalism (henceforth referred to accurately as American Socialism) is nothing more than Communism Lite. A sugar coated form of Communism, designed to appeal to sensitive American attitudes about freedom, individual rights, etc. American Socialism proclaims that it is for the average Joe Worker (translated: well behaved drone of the State) and against Big Business (translated: against Big Business owned by those who oppose socialism. When's the last time you heard a Liberal complain about Ted Turner being too rich?). This is the front they have to put up. It's part of who they are (remember, "People are stupid, therefore if you claim you are helping them . . ."). Never mind that Democrat policies hurt individual rights; never mind that American Socialist policies strive toward stripping people of individual freedoms and opportunities; as long as they claim to want to help the "people" then they must be the good guys, right? Well, one sneaky little secret that very few people are aware of, is how inflation and the Marxist, progressive tax system we've been burdened with work together to hurt middle and lower income families. Y'see if the cut off for a certain tax bracket is a monetary amount, the inevitable creep of inflation will push people up into higher tax brackets. WorldNetDaily is reporting that this gimmick, built into our tax codes, is now sucking up a lot of working families. Since no one has actually voted for a tax on working families, and the media certainly will ignore this, few people realize that it's happening, except for the families who suddenly find themselves with higher and higher tax bills. 

Another dirty little secret of taxes and the economy is that for every little government perk to "the impoverished" it increases the average income of Americans (not all incomes, but the average). The economy responds to this increase in buying power with a corresponding increase in prices. It's a lot like the old riddle about how long it takes to make the water rise to a certain level on the hull of a boat floating in the bay . . . the answer is forever, since the boat will rise with the water. When government sends money to "the impoverished" (y'know, the ones who live in housing projects and suffer because they only have 2 color TV's, 1 VCR, 1 CD player and a used Cadillac) it raises the overall buying power, thus raising prices, thus lowering the buying power for the rest of the people. The minimum wage scam works the same way. Joe Burger-flipper, goes from $4 and hour to $5 and hour. Joe's boss, must then raise prices to pay for the rise in payroll expensive, then raise prices again because the grocery he gets his buns from had to do the same thing. Then the middle income employee must get raises to cover the rise in overall prices, which makes the products or services they produce or provide that much more costly. In a very short time Joe Burger-flipper finds that his $5 now buys exactly what his $4 used to buy, so he's no better off, but some politicians get to pretend he is, and brag that they "helped" him.


Posted by Jack Lewis at May 15, 2002 07:47 AM