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May 22, 2002

Oh, my, and their salad forks weren't even chilled

Let's say you have a product and you can sell it for $2 at location "A" because the neighborhood is more upscale, but couldn't get anybody to buy it at that price in neighborhood "B". But, the people in neighborhood "A" always picked out the newer products, often times leaving you (the producer) with out-dated products that would need to be tossed. Hey, here's an idea. Rather than tossing the out-dated product, take them from the stores, before they're out of date, but after they're old enough that the upscale customers turn their noses up at them, sell them in neighborhood "B" for $1. Sounds like a workable plan. You have less waste, neighborhood "B" gets a better deal on the product and everybody's happy, right? Not if the people in neighborhood "B" have a different skin color than neighborhood "A", then it becomes a race scandal.

CBS news is reporting that Coca-Cola has done just that. Taken almost out of date Coke products (remember, only a few years ago there were no dates on soda cans, so even this claim is buying into an ad gimmick) and shipping them to lower class neighborhoods (typically Black and Hispanic). Several key omissions in CBS's report. They used the term "repackaged", giving the impression that the soft drinks were re-dated, when apparently, "repackaged" means "moved". CBS makes a point of mentioning that the neighborhoods the "repackaged" drinks are "repackaged" to are Black and Hispanic, not bothering to find if there are low-income White neighborhoods that the soft drinks were "repackaged" to, which might show the decision was based on neighborhood income rather than skin color.

For the uppity, blue bloods at CBS I got some news for you -- bakeries have been doing this for decades. Where I'm from Wonder and Rainbo have had "day old" shops located in low-income neighborhoods for as long as I can remember. Those of us who lived in those neighborhoods gladly sacrificed a small bit of freshness for a greatly reduced price. It's called "gettin' by", something you 6 figure network yahoos wouldn't know much about.

And it's also not like there's not any real news happening these days LIKE TERRORISTS BLOWING UP BUILDINGS!!!



Posted by Jack Lewis at May 22, 2002 02:50 PM