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May 07, 2002

So this is a Web Log

For those of you already familiar with my many ventures on the web, you'll know I tried something sort of like this last year. I found it way too time consuming, mainly because I wanted to do a complete and thorough job. I like to research and provide pertinant links, which take alot of time. From looking at several dozen WebLogs on the net I found them varying from thorough (Best of the Web, Andrew Sullivan) to amateur and sparse. Well, I figure at least I wouldn't be the worst.

At first I was prepared to write a simple little script that would allow me to insert daily blogs to the main page, but then I discovered Moveable Type. I tried to load it on my own web server at home, and couldn't get it to work. I loaded it on my main server that most of my stuff is on, and finally got it going. Excellent design, and it seems to have a very thorough functionality, although it could use a WYSIWYG editor for text entries.

I'm still not completely sure I will stick with it, since it doesn't provide everything I like, but we'll see.

No news commontary today. Just getting started and test driving, so to speak.

Posted by Jack Lewis at May 7, 2002 03:18 PM