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May 13, 2002

Well, it's something we like to call reality.

The big question that seems to be popping around the internet the past few days is, "Why are there Conservative Radio Talk Shows but no Liberal ones?" the answers form Liberals range from, "Because the Big Business Radio Network Owners want it that way." to "People are stupid and they go for the simple ideas." (No they didn't use those words, but they might as well have). Conservatives have offered their answers, from, "Because Conservatives make sense." (a bit too simplistic and vague) to "Because Liberals are afraid to call themselves Liberal" (I can't quite picture success or failure hinging on that).

To me the answers is obvious. People live in the real word, Liberals don't. Liberals live in this fairy tale land where Serial Killers deserve to live but innocent unborn children don't, where the Constitution clearly says that Church and State are to be separated and that a woman has a right to an abortion (it doesn't). They live in this mystical land where tolerance mean being intolerant of anyone who disagrees with a Liberal, where Anita Hill is a victim and a heroine fighting sexual harassment, and Paula Jones is a lying bimbo, where the First Amendment applies to anyone who wants to say, express or display anything, anywhere at anytime, the Fourth Amendment applies to Drug Dealers who don't want cops knowing they're growing pot by the temperature of their roof and careless women who choose to have sex, choose to not use birth control and want to have the further choice of murdering their baby so it doesn't inconvenience them, but the Second Amendment applies only to soldiers and cops, while on the job. People in the real world see their money as their money, Liberals in Liberal Land see people's money as that part of the government's money that the government has graciously allowed the person to keep. Liberals think it takes a village to raise a child. Real people tremble in fear that some idiot social worker may take it upon themselves to enforce their personal opinions regarding child rearing (even though they have no kids of their own) by the force of law, in defiance of the parents' Constitutional rights, and abuse the kid by shoving them in some foster home with 14 other kids who are just waiting for the next pigeon to beat, abuse, torment or corrupt. 

Real people earn their living by working, and take pride in what they earn. Real people see success as what you can achieve by hard work and diligence. Liberals see money as something that everyone should share, and rich people as evil (unless they are rich Liberals). Real people see themselves as the primary source of obtaining what they need, whether it be money or protection. Liberals see people as units in a hive, all dependant on the leaders for everything.

Of course Liberal talk shows fail, they are the essence of bad fiction. In C.S. Lewis's children's novel Voyage of the Dawn Treader there's a part where the adventurers come upon a fabled island. As they approach the island they hear a voice, and soon pick up a castaway. But before they can find out who he is and where he's come from . . .

"Nevertheless you will fly from here," he gasped. "This is the island where dreams come true."

"That's the island I've been looking for this long time," said one of the sailors. "I reckoned I'd find I was married to Nancy if we landed here."

"And I'd find Tom alive," said another.

"Fools!" said the man, stamping his foot with rage. "That is the sort of talk that brought me here, and I'd better have been drowned or never born. Do you here what I say? This is where dreams -- dreams, do you understand -- come to life, come real. Not daydreams: dreams."

There was about half a minute's silence and then, with a great clatter of armour the whole crew were tumbling down the main hatch as quick as they could and flinging themselves on the oars to row as they had never rowed before; and Drinian was swinging round the tiller, and the boatswain was giving out the quickest stroke that had ever been heard at sea. For it had taken everyone just that half-minute to remember certain dreams they had -- dreams that make you afraid of going to sleep again -- and to realise what it would mean to land on a country where dreams come true.

A Liberal's dream for America is the worst nightmare for most Americans, and why would someone intentionally choose to listen to such horrifying things.



Posted by Jack Lewis at May 13, 2002 06:16 PM