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June 20, 2002

Palestinian "Freedom Fighters"

After Israel has been so stubborn as to offer peace agreement after peace agreement that doesn't include the obviously necessary part about all of the Jews jumping into the sea, and ending the State of Israel, Palestinians now must fight for "peace". Since most of the millions in foreign aid has been rerouted to the private bank accounts of those selfless leaders like the Arafat, and the rest spent on bombs and guns, the desperate Palestinians blame Israel for the condition of their wanna be country (OK, so it's not a real country, but they like to pretend it is), the poverty, the lack of all of those things real countries have like hospitals, police forces that don't also double as judge, jury and executioner, real roads, and other essential infra-structure. It has to be Israel's fault, right?

So let's see, in their effort to make peace this week Palestinians have killed 19 innocent commuters on a passenger bus, including 7 teenagers. They killed another seven innocent civilians at a bus stop, which included five year-old girl. They killed a father and mother and two children in the Jewish community of Itamar just today. Meanwhile Arafat was quoted as saying, "I personally (wink, wink), and the Palestinian Authority (wink, wink), are completely against (wink, wink) terrorists killing innocent (wink, wink) Israelis" None of the reporters bothered to ask Arafat if he believed there was such a thing as an innocent Israeli, though. 

Interestingly enough Routers and the New York Times didn't feel it newsworthy to include the fact that today's victims were a family, and included two children. They simply referred to them as "Israelis". I guess it makes it easier to pretend that both sides are morally equal in this mess.

Israel has announced that they will seize more PA land every time one of these "freedom fighters" decides to splatter himself and take out some innocent civilians. They used to have a policy of bulldozing the house of the suicide bombers family, but international hand-wringer and whiners complained, and then Saudi Arabia started sending them money, so they stopped. The family made no bones about supporting their idiot son (or daughter in a few cases) in their attempt to protect the world from those evil ice-cream eating toddlers, so I don't really get too worked up about them losing their home. But now, heh, heh, heh, their gonna lose their imaginary country a few feet at a time. My bet is that the Palestinian terrorist are way too stupid to realize that before long Israel will once again be in complete control of all the land.

My advice to Israel: kick the idiots out and let the Arab countries worry about 'em.


Posted by Jack Lewis at June 20, 2002 04:14 PM