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June 25, 2002

Suicide Bombing and the Bible

About three thousand years ago the Hebrews were conquered and made slaves by the Philistines (who the Palestinians claim to be descended from). They remained the property of the Philistines for several decades until a Hebrew came along who, well, to make a long story short committed suicide, taking thousands of Philistine civilians with him. The story of Samson can be read in the Bible in Judges 13:24 through 16:30.

Ironic that it's a role reversal of characters (if you believe that Palestinians are actually the descendants of the ancient Philistines, something for which there is no evidence to back up). The comparison is hardly complete though. The Palestinians are not slaves. They're offered the same status as citizens as Jewish Israeli's are. The "refugee camps" exist solely because it makes the Palestinians look like they are suffering, when a simple matter of using the massive amount of aid given them, correctly, would end the poverty virtually overnight. 

Also, when Samson was in the arena, he was being systematically tortured to death as entertainment for the crowd he ultimately killed. When it comes to being entertained by the death and/or torture of others, the Palestinians are the ones who have demonstrated that they find this of amusement, by their dancing and laughing in the streets following 9/11 as well as the joy they proclaim when Israeli civilians are murdered. 

I'm kind of surprised that I haven't heard of this comparison before (Samson's death being akin to a suicide bombing). Obviously it doesn't work well as a real comparison, but then the Palestinians and their apologists have never been known for their grasp of logic.


Posted by Jack Lewis at June 25, 2002 01:19 PM