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June 18, 2002

Where's the Orkin Proctologist When You Need Him

Billionaire Ted Turner, who owns his very own News Network, obviously hasn't bothered to take the time to listen to any news in, oh, I'd say the PAST SEVERAL DECADES. Today in an interview with Britain's the Guardian, Turner excused Palestinian terrorism, claiming Israel was committing terrorism as well. "Aren't the Israelis and the Palestinians both terrorising [sic] each other?" he was quoted as saying. Obviously he must have been referring to 15 year-old Hadar Hershkowitz who was killed by a Palestinian pipe-bomb while she was terrorizing Palestinians by returning home from a nearby cafe with friends. Or maybe he was referring to 14 month-old Sinai Keinan, who was mercilessly terrorizing Palestinians by eating ice cream with her grandmother, when she was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. Oh, I know, he must have been talking about 5 year-old Danielle Shefi, you know the infamous terrorist who was killed by a Palestinian gunman while playing in her parents' bedroom. Boy, I bet ole Ted's glad he doesn't have any "terrorists" going around Atlanta there, walking home with friends, eating ice cream, or playing in their parent's bedroom. Otherwise, why he might just get scared outta his pants.

I'm sure ole Ted wonders how Israel expects to get international sympathy when they insist on committing such horrendous acts of terrorism like, eating ice cream, riding busses to school, playing in Mommy's room, playing basketball, riding in cars, sitting on park benches and shopping for groceries

Meanwhile, back in reality (a place we'd all like Ted to visit sometime) another Palestinian "freedom fighter" blew himself up, along with 19  innocent civilians on a passenger bus this morning in Jerusalem. The bombing was early enough to have killed at least 7 teenage passengers on their way to school, including Galila Bugla, an 11 year-old girl. The passengers were apparently in the process of terrorizing Palestinians by commuting to work and school.

The bus bombing was carried out by a Palestinian named Mohammed al-Ghoul (no, seriously, that's his name). His father, Hazaa al-Ghoul, when told of his sons death, and the circumstances surrounding it, said he was very happy that his son was the bomber. Well, of course he was, his kid could have been off eating ice cream or playing basketball or some other horrifying thing like that.


Posted by Jack Lewis at June 18, 2002 04:22 PM