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July 15, 2002

And the Prisoners Get all the Fun


Well, the big news today is that John Walker Lindh pled guilty to some minor charges so he'd escape possible larger sentences. Of course we all know the guy's a complete moron, so it's no surprise that he'd figure 10 to 20 years in prison would be better than whatever he imagine he would have gotten. The question is, how long will his fellow inmates allow him to live? Will they torture him slowly in order to make sure he gets as little solitary confinement time as possible, or will they race to see who's the first to insert a sharpened tooth brush handle into him.

Of course the sappy minded apologists for anyone who hates America have already crawled out of their holes and praised Lindh's lawyers for being so smart. What's so smart about feeding your client to hungry wolves? Even under military guard, plenty of soldiers had their pictures taken with Lindh, while he was blindfolded and the word S***HEAD written across his blindfold. Do they really think prisoners will show more restraint? I mean these are people who've been locked up for murder, rape, aggravated assault (and you DON'T want to know what the assault was considered aggravated). They may be prisoners, but they still consider themselves loyal Americans, especially after 9/11. 

Y'know it's really kind of irksome, that convicts get to be the ones who exact punishment on an idiot like this. Surely there are more deserving people. Why not let the survivors and their families walk by and give him one kick in the shins apiece. Of for that matter, but him in stocks and sell tickets for people to throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at him, the benefits going to the families of the 9/11 victims. Or use that blindfold thing again. How much would it be worth to the average American to have a picture of yourself standing next to Lindh with the derogatory word of your choice written across his blindfold? We might even be able to significantly reduce the national dept!

But, no, the inmates will get all the fun. Just doesn't seem fair, does it.


Posted by Jack Lewis at July 15, 2002 06:09 PM