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July 18, 2002

Man Them Guvmint Peoples is Smart.

When a Moslem passed by the hundreds of other airlines at LAX and opened fire on El Al, Israeli's national airline, the government tells us that it's not terrorism, and wasn't motivated by hate. Now me I woulda just assumed that it was, given the very obvious factors, but the government seems so confident and sure, that they must know what they're talking about, right?

Then here recently, not long after a cop in Washington state was murdered after using the touchy-feely Liberal method of apprehending a obviously dangerous suspect, some cops in Inglewood were videotaped pushing a suspect, who'd been violently resisting arrest, and punching him. The cops were of various races, but we're told that, in spite of the obvious danger cops always are in when subduing a suspect, especially one who is violently resisting, it was racially motivated and therefore a hate crime. And one of the cops has already been indicted. Now, me, I would figure that when anybody starts fighting a cop, the cops should have the ability to do more than give them their "unhappy face". But hey the government says that when cops use violence against a Black suspect who's being violent, it's racism, even if the cop is Black. (Of course we've been treated to white suspects getting the snot beat out of them on COPS for years, and considered that OK)

But hey, them guvmint peoples must know what they's doing, right?


Posted by Jack Lewis at July 18, 2002 11:13 PM