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July 05, 2002

The Reviews Are In!

TheWeblogReview.com finally reviewed this site. First of all while there needs to be some corrections, they are more or less peripheral, so I didn't want to give the impression that I disagreed with the reviewer or was trying to be nitpicky. Ok, Ok, I am being nitpicky, but I don't want to try to make her look bad, just to clarify some things. The first thing to clarify is that the vast majority of links along the side are not religious. They are links to political columns. Most of them are on the Jewish World Review, so I can see how someone might mistake them for being religious links. Next, while my faith is very important to me, I understand how some people really don't want to hear too much about it. I try to keep it within the parameters that I would feel comfortable with if someone of another faith were writing. But then I tend to be very fascinated in other cultures, which includes religions, so I have a fairly high tolerance for what someone else writes about their faith. Having said that, though, I preferring hearing about another religion rather than why I should convert to it or why it's superior, so I try to keep my comments to a more narrative form rather than being preachy. Even then that's more than some people want to read, so I strive for a balance.

Out of a possible 5, I was given a 4.5. Of the other blog reviews I looked at, the reviewer's score didn't usually reflect the average of the scores given by readers, so that may change. More than the score, though, I was really flattered that she wrote, "Even though the weblog at JackLewis.net is only a few months old, I can really see it making an impact among other weblogs and websites throughout the World Wide Web." I was kinda hoping that my effort would make that impact (sort of like how one hopes that someday they might win the lottery or become president) but to have someone actually say it is encouraging. I admired the way the reviewer referred to my blogs as "opinionated (but not overly)." I've never understood why some people get so worked up about an opinion piece actually containing an opinion. Personally I find people who aren't opinionated a trifle annoying. And believe me I know quite a few like that. 

It's refreshing to see people who recognize that someone with a differing viewpoint might actually have noble intentions. Last year I was having a serious debate with a homosexual who lives in NY on a message board that's since shut down. But after a few weeks of back and forth, he stopped debating me (or at least as heavily as he had) because he said he couldn't find it within himself to be angry at someone who could be so funny. That took a lot of character, and I admired him for it. We spent most of our posts joking back and forth, until 9/11 when he wrote that his partner was missing. Several of us on that board who were Christians told him we'd pray for his partner, that he'd be safe. (It turned out he was) That crumbled a lot of the preconceptions he had left about Christians hating homosexuals. And unlike other Liberals and homosexuals who could never bring themselves to acknowledge any positive traits in their ideological "enemies" he, as well as several others I've had the privilege of meeting over the years have been able to see past the opposing opinions, to the motives and character of the person. I detected that same openness in the reviewer. And like I said, it's refreshing.


Posted by Jack Lewis at July 5, 2002 11:38 PM