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July 23, 2002

Would We Have Done Differently?

When we heard rumors about civilians being massacred in Kosovo, our President grabbed the opportunity to distract the nation away from his increasingly embarrassing peccadilloes to bomb to death a heck of a whole lot more Kosovo civilians, 2,000 plus according to reports. Where was the international outcry then? We weren't in any danger, and it turned out that the massacres that we were supposed to be bombing to stop, never happened. The massacres that Hamas has been reported to have committed can be readily seen in blood splattered streets, cafes and pizza parlors. When one group of people threaten to massacre civilians, then proceeds to do just that, who the heck are we to pretend some moral outrage when the victims take measures to stop the attacks on them, which inadvertently kills enemy civilians? So for all you holier-than-thou Monday morning quarterbacks who want to criticize Israel, shut up already.


Posted by Jack Lewis at July 23, 2002 05:07 PM