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August 02, 2002

Go Around, Idiot!

In today's column by Eric Peters, he laments the "rude" behavior of "road hogs". These, according to Peters, are those boorish types who insist on driving the speed limit and refuse to weave their way from lane to lane in order to make room for those who ignore the speed limit. Speed limits, Peters says, are nothing but, "arbitrary laws and rules" that "have been twisted like a boardwalk pretzel by various political factions". He moons over Europe's supposedly heavenly laws where law abiders are ticketed for getting in the way of law-breakers. Well, like on old friend of mine once said, "We don't no furriners cumin' over here an tellin' us how ta run our country."

Peters castigates these "lane hogs" who exercise this "especially loathsome form of passive-aggressive behavior". Well, I happen to one of them, and I'm not the one being rude. If the speed limit say 75, then by gum, that's the speed I'll go. When some fruitcake starts pushing his taillights into my trunk because he wants to do 90, I really don't have much room for "compassion" or courtesy. Generally the people who want to go faster than the speed limit simply go around. On the rare occasion I will decide to exceed the speed limit, I also go around. But Peters has obviously never bothered trying to drive the speed limit for very long or he'd notice that we aren't the ones being rude. I was driving from Oklahoma City back to Tulsa a few weeks ago, doing the speed limit, when some crackpot started tailgating me. He was snuggled up to me for several miles glaring at me for not getting out of his way (while other drivers were going around both of us) he finally roared around me, and settled on his preferred speed OF 2 MPH ABOVE THE SPEED LIMIT!! He was tailgating me because he wanted to do 77 instead of 75! We reached the tollgate about 30 miles later, and while he fumbled for change in one booth, I had mine ready, and took off ahead of him. For all his urgency, he still wound up behind me. 

Typically there are three types of drivers on the road, those who drive the speed limit, those who drive slower than the speed limit and those who ignore the speed limit. For the most part those that drive slower than the speed limit take the right lane, for the most part those who ignore the speed limit feel they own the left lane. Those of us who drive the speed limit have our choice of weaving around the people in the right lane, or simply using the left lane FOR WHAT IT WAS INTENDED FOR -- those who want to drive the speed limit. If Peters and his ilk want to break the law on a continuous basis, then they shouldn't demand those of us who try to obey the law to get out of the way for them.


Posted by Jack Lewis at August 2, 2002 08:22 AM