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August 14, 2002

Gracie had her kittens

When my wife and I went to bed Saturday night we could hear this high pitched squeaking, and tracked it down to beneath our bed. Gracie was there, and we could just make out a tiny splotch of white. When we moved stuff out of the way, and tried to move her and her kittens we discovered 8 of them. We finally get them and her into a box lined with paper towel, but in the morning she and her litter weren't there. She'd moved them back under the bed, only this time under the head, and there were nine of them! She'd had another one after we'd moved her. Well I tried getting them back in the box, but Gracie was adamant that they stay under the bed. I finally let her have her way, and there they remain. We can pull the bed out if we want to take a peek at them, but the kids simply crawl under there with a flash light. If you want to see mother and babies, you can see some of the pics we took at http://www.JackLewis.net/gracie/.


Posted by Jack Lewis at August 14, 2002 12:02 AM