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August 21, 2002

I found something for the fleas

I looked around the internet, using the keywords "kitten" and "fleas" and found plenty of sites and message boards that suggested Adams Flea Spray. Generally they said to swab it on rather than spray, and it's safe. So I got some and carefully put it on each kitten (with Gracie in the other room). Most of the fleas dropped off right then. A few died with a mouth full of kitten, and I had to pull them off like ticks. Some tried to escape to the face, where I couldn't swab much, but since the fur is so thin there I was able to pick them out and squish them.

They (the kittens not the fleas, at least I never heard the fleas) cried bloody murder the whole time. When I finally let Gracie in she rushed in to check them over and I could hear the kittens all telling her what happened.

"This big man grabbed us and we got wet and we were scared and we yelled and yelled and you didn't come and we cried and he rubbed stuff on us and we yelled some more and we were cold and he put us in a box and we were scared and we cried some more and then he put us back here!!!"

I figured Gracie would be absolutely furious at me, and sure enough a little later I went over and she was trying to move the kittens (which seems to be her way of telling me to leave them the MEOW alone) But the only place she could move them to was beneath the chest of drawers and I had it blocked.

I went back to my computer and the next thing I know I can feel Gracie at my feet. I didn't think anything of it until I heard the kitten cry. She was moving the litter to beneath my desk! I have a chair with rollers so obviously this was something that needed some thinking. I was flattered that she'd think this was a safe place, and before long she had a second kitten over, and the first was asleep, using my big toe for a pillow. But the second kitten didn't particularly like these new digs, so Gracie's in the process of letting them nurse so they'll feel comfortable. Meanwhile, while Gracie went to get a drink, I retrieved the $17 cat bed that Gracie has never bothered to sleep in, and put it under the desk and placed the kittens in it. Gracie seems willing enough to allow the kittens to stay there, so it looks like they have a new home.

Gracie's moving the kittens slowly, letting each one have time to get used to the new place. The ones not moved yet are all peacefully asleep, so she's taking her time. She's now nursing the third one that's she's moved.

It'll be interesting to see how long she keeps them there.


Posted by Jack Lewis at August 21, 2002 05:02 PM