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August 01, 2002

Illustrating My Point

Previously I posted that I love to debate Atheists and Agnostics because they whine like babies when they ultimately lose. It appears they were quick to confirm this conclusion. A board previously run by an old friend, was taken over by an Agnostic/Atheist/Libertarian (Some would consider that redundant). The previous board owner was going to close it down, when several people stepped forward, volunteering to keep it going. Once in charge our intrepid Agnostic posted his new set of rules, and set about ignoring them. It was during a debate in response to my previous post that he went so far as to call trigonometry and astro-physics, "religious dogma" when I used them to demonstrate a flaw in one aspect of the religion of Evolution. From that point on he seemed to become obsessed with me, attacking every post I wrote, regardless of how lighthearted of conversational it was. When other posters finally pointed out his erratic behavior, he attacked them as well (then later deleted the thread to hide the evidence). Well, today he finally went over the deep end and banned me for the horrendous crime of asking what a PM was. (He claimed I needed to check mine, but the board showed that there were no Private Messages for me, and since such messages are called by other names, and I'd never bothered with them on that board before, I was curious if he was referring to something else).

It really makes me wonder about Libertarians. Here we have Jesse Ventura having fits because he accidentally approved Christian Heritage Week, while he had no problem signing proclamations for Atheists. Now here we have an avowed Libertarian censoring those he disagrees with. Yes, as the admin of the message board, it's his prerogative to ban whoever he chooses, but the idea is that you use principles in accordance with your stated beliefs. I censor profanity on my message board, as well as racism, but lots of people who very much disagree with me on many issues have found that they were completely free to do so on boards I run and maintain. I'm not a Libertarian, I'd be classified as more of a social/fiscal Conservative, but I support free speech in that people have the right to express their opinions, as long as the method isn't one intentionally designed to offend rather than simply communicate. 

I find it interesting how easily Libertarians can abandon their so-called convictions. Does Jesse Ventura really believe Atheists deserve more religious freedom than Christians? Do Libertarian message board admins really think freedom of speech ends at the point that they personally disagree with that speech?

I concluded in my previous post that Atheists whine like babies when they ultimately lose. I guess I forgot to mention taking their marbles and stomping away.


Posted by Jack Lewis at August 1, 2002 04:13 PM