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August 20, 2002

Update on Gracie's Kittens

Well I finally tracked down some flea treatment that will work on kittens. There's a spray called Adam's Flea and tick mist that's water based, so it won't hurt the kittens. Some people say they've used them on one day old kittens with no adverse affects. Tomorrow I'll go pick some up.

I checked the kittens today to see what gender they are. Since they are identical except for the smudges on their heads, I categorized them by that as well.

Kitten #1 has a single smudge on the top, back of his head.
Kitten #2 is completely white and is a female.
Kitten #3 has a single smudge at the top back of his head and a small faint spot near his left ear.
Kitten #4 has two smudges, front to back at the top and slightly to the left of her head.
Kitten #5 has a distinctively darker longish smudge on the top of his head.

It was about here that Gracie ran in and demanded to know what the meow we were doing. She grabbed Kitten #2 and put her back under the bed. I tried to explain but she just wouldn't listen. I had Ginny quickly hand me the rest, but Gracie started grabbing the ones I hadn't looked at yet, so I had to take her out of the room. I used the list I'd already completed to sort out the ones tallied and the ones not.

Kitten #6 has three small smudges on the top of her head.
Kitten #7 has one small smudge slightly to the right of the top of his head.
Kitten #8 has one small faint smudge near and slightly in front of her left ear.
Kitten #9 has a snudge at the top back of her head and a collection of smaller smudges above her eyes.

We put them back and I went to let Gracie in. She was stalking around in the living room, and when she realized the door was open she raced back in to make sure we hadn't hurt them. Once she was certain they were all right she came back into the living room, gave me a serious, stern look and called me a meow. Then to add insult to injury she called me a meow-ow.

I don't know where she's learned such language, maybe the same place she got all the fleas (and got pregnant). But cats will be cats.

We're wanting to wait to name them so we can do so according to their personalities. I've already been preparing a list of possibilities. I always wished I'd named Gracie Snowflake (she's completely Black. So I like a joke, sue me) So I'm hanging on to Blackie, Charcoal, Midnight and Smokey. I've also toyed with "Geddoffuhther" and "Gedaduhtheway" which could possibly save time in the future. Well, then again, I could just imagine some poor, future owner saying, "Get off of there, Geddoffuhther!"


Posted by Jack Lewis at August 20, 2002 06:44 PM