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September 11, 2002

America in Flight 93

When the passengers of Flight 93 called their loved ones on cell phones, to tell them that their planes was being highjacked, they learned the horrible plan their highjackers had in mind. They were told of planes slamming into buildings. According to loved ones, there were three highjackers. At least as many male passengers, knowing it meant almost certain death, proceeded to wrest control of the plane away from their captors, and thus prevented the fourth target from ever being reached.

This is how and why America is what it is today. The world whines because we prepare to oust the maniacal Saddam Hussein. They want us to wait on their committees and inspectors, but our president simply smiles, and tells them to not worry about it -- we'll take care of everything. Americans don't sit and wait for someone else to hand them freedom, we get up off our butts and go get it for ourselves. When faced with inescapable death, those American heroes on Flight 93 hurdled the only weapons they had at our enemies, their own bodies. America is rich and wealthy and prosperous because of one important thing that the vast majority of us know -- slaves forge their own chains. No amount of weapons and technology can defeat a people who refuse to be enslaved. Americans refuse to be enslaved by petty tyrants, seeking the perverse thrill of mass murder. We hunt those animals down, and shoot them like the dogs they are.

Too little has been said about the heroes of Flight 93. We've let the heroism of those great men and women go largely unsung for too long. They are why America is great. They are why the rest of the world looks to us when tragedy strikes. They are why we have freedom and prosperity. They embody the spirit that has made America the place billions covet to live in.

We know the names of a few of the men who rushed the cockpit, but we'll never know how many more followed those who led the way. Every child in America needs to be taught about these men and women. Every child needs to understand that without the Spirit of Flight 93, America will die.  They need to be taught that it is that precise attitude of selflessness, of love, of self-sacrifice that is what gave them the freedoms they have. And that one day they too may be asked to offer that same sacrifice. And that the bravery of those heroes of Flight 93 show us that we can do it; we can also be heroes. Maybe someday we can teach that spirit to the people in these countries that allow tyrants to enslave them, but until then, let's continue to be Americans, and strive to live up to the honor of that title.


Posted by Jack Lewis at September 11, 2002 03:54 PM