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October 29, 2002

Oklahoma, cockfighting, Liberals and hypocrisy

Next week here in Oklahoma we'll be voting on whether to ban cockfighting or not. Now, I'm guessing there are some reading this that might not know what cockfighting is. It's a "sport" where they strap razor blades on to the ankles of roosters, who by nature will use the spurs that normally grow out of their ankles to kill any rivals. "Men" gather around and bet on which rooster will kill the other. There are a lot of interesting argument the pro-cockfighting people put out. "It's just a sport." "It's not hurting anyone." and the outright laughable "It allows the animals to die a brave dignified death rather than a meaningless life."

I really wonder about any one who would even think twice about whether to outlaw such a barbaric activity, but the most ironic thing about the whole mess is that it seems to be bringing out half-hearted arguments about excessive government from some Conservative, and the demand for legislation of morality from Liberals. Oh, of course they won't call it that, but that's what it is. That's what all laws are. But this one stands out light a 10,000 watt beacon. The only arguments against cockfighting are based on morality. But the Liberals are trying hard to use this as a reason to call Conservatives "barbaric" (in spite of the fact that most Conservatives oppose cockfighting). Liberals so rarely see anything that resembles the high ground that they try to claim it any chance they get. But in this case, they can't hide from the glaring fact that they are indeed, calling for the legislation of morality.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 29, 2002 10:29 PM