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October 15, 2002

Oklahoma in bloom wallpapers

I've had these pics in the mix for my wallpapers for some time. I use Panorama to change my wallpaper every half hour. I have several pics I got from Eric Fookes who has taken some wonderful shots of various places in Europe. He also has an excellent text editor, which I use instead of Windows Notepad. But my wife noticed how beautiful some of the flowers looked around my dad's house and took several pics for us to use as wallpapers.

img01 - I think this is honeysuckle, but I could be wrong.
img02 - Have no idea what this is, but it's pretty.
img03 - This is some odd kind of plant that had 7 blooms on one straight stalk. It has some kind of odd name, but I can't remember it.
img04 - Not really sure what this is either, but it looks a little like honeysuckle.
img05 - Don't know what this is either, but can you find the spider and the grasshopper?
img06 - This I know, but let's see if you can guess what it is.
img07 - This one is obvious - prickly pear cactus in bloom. The stuff grows all over the place in north east Oklahoma.

These pics are smaller (640x480 I think) but if you set your wallpaper to stretch they'll work fine. I keep my screen resolution at 1027x768 and they still look sharp and clear.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 15, 2002 01:31 PM