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October 08, 2002

The Conference on [snicker] Race is finally over

Well the delegates to the so-called "World Conference on Racism" have wrapped up their meetings, and have produced some of the most racists decisions seen in a long time. Starting with their earlier decision to excluded White people from conference, thereby signifying to anyone interested that the Conference was not against racism, but rather for blatant, unabashed racism (I've never understood why racism against White people is so commonly called "reverse racism". Are there murders and reverse murders? Or rapes and reverse rapes?)

Zimbabwe's dictator Mugabe won praise for his land redistribution program. You remember that's the system where any and all White land owners are invited to leave the country or be massacred, and their land is redistributed to Black citizens. They praised this, let me repeat -- they had the gall to praise this, with a straight face. Unbelievable. Of course the problem of starvation in Zimbabwe was also noted, not the fact that the government sponsored the mass murder and forced removal of most of the nation's farmers, but just the starvation that resulted. Somehow that seems to be the fault of White people as well.

The most laughable thing to come out of this farce of a Conference was their conclusion that all African countries should open their borders and grant full citizenship to all people of African descent who wished to "return to any African state to claim their ancestral citizenship rights." Obviously this is directed at American Blacks, who as a groups earn more than three times as much as the average income in the wealthiest African nations. Someone seems to think American Blacks are really stupid.

What's sad is that this comedy will be seen by some as representative of Black people as a whole. This was a Conference of leftist, racist people who were trying to figure out how to blame someone else for the problems they created. They don't represent most Black people. They do seem to represent the typical mindless Liberal blame game that passes for thinking in these circles.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 8, 2002 09:28 AM