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October 31, 2002

Was Wellstone Assassinated?

OK, let's get to the quick of this nonsense. Who stood to benefit from Wellstone's death? The election was close, but we all know that if an incumbent dies close to an election, the party can run a barrel of moldy Jell-O in his place and it would receive a nice majority in the form of sympathy votes. Some people think that perverting our election system in order to send a sympathy message to the deceased's family is OK. I've never figured that out. "Oh, you must really be grieving, here let me screw up our system of government in a sign of 'respect' and 'condolences'." So Wellstone's untimely death is sure to throw a carefully handpicked Democrat securely into that seat, when by most accounts Wellstone's chances of re-election were looking somewhat iffy. 

So in the case of motive, the GOP and the White House had lots to lose and nothing to gain with Wellstone's death, and the DNC had everything to gain. 

So that should knock the GOP, the White House or any Conservative 'force' out of suspicion for any supposed assassination.

But would it really have been worth it for some Liberal culprit to do it?

Wellstone was from all accounts extremely Liberal, but what many Conservatives call an honest Liberal (he actually, sincerely believed what he was doing was the right thing, and wasn't just trying to get votes or curry favor with the party). Seems to me he would then have been as asset to the DNC, and had they really wanted to use an 'accident' to throw a race, that particular race would have been far down the list since, while close, Wellstone was still in the lead in the polls.

Barring some hypothetical 'other' reason for getting him out of the way (Maybe he uncovered the DNC's secret plans to make the entire planet one giant socialist dictatorship under Hillary Clinton) it doesn't look like there's really any motive for anyone to kill him or any of his entourage.

But -- there is plenty of motive to toss out sinister scary stories about George Bush having people assassinated. I mean the Clinton apologist still have a lot of work to do to try to make Bush look as bad as Clinton did (without trying).


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 31, 2002 07:30 AM