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October 03, 2002

Welcome to Amerika.

It's seems Leftists have finally taken off the sheep's clothing and exposed themselves for who they really are, tyrannical, totalitarian despots. From the University of Texas, where university officials blatantly violate the free speech right of a pro-life group, to Florida where land-rights protestors are silence after being refused "permits" for protesting the massive land grabs going on there, to New Jersey where their Supreme Court has basically said, "Screw the rules, we wanna win."

And right along with them are our mainstream media, long sold out to the American Leftist cause, making excuses for every outrage. The NJ SC nonsense is excused since it supports "democracy". Since America is not, and has never been a democracy (we're a Constitutional Republic) this is a nonsense excuse. Our Founding Father designed the way our government works specifically to avoid running the risk of being tossed about by the whims of democracy. That's what laws are for. If 51% of the people decided that all red-heads should be shot, should we scrap our laws to accommodate the will of the majority? Well, that's what the Democrats in NJ seem to want to believe.

I sometimes wonder if they do stuff like this just to see how idiotic the American voters can be. I mean Clinton was elected twice, so that's gotta speak volumes for the lack of active brain cells among American voters. Gore caused his fuss at the last election, and tried to change votes right in front of us. We have several Democrat morons actually in Iraq gushing over what a swell guy Saddam "gassed his own people, and lives in a opulent palace while most of his people starve" Hussein, and how he'd never hurt a flea (did I mention he gassed his own people?) and we should just leave him alone (You know he gassed his own people, right?) Now we have the NJ Democrat political machine blatantly ignoring the law, which will be stopped by the US SC, which will bring more accusation of corruption against the US SC. Meanwhile the Media will be claiming to be unbiased by treating the law breaking NJ SC and the law abiding US SC as moral equals. In the end the Media people will be laughing their hind ends off at how gullible and stupid people are, and the very freedoms that allow them to do what they do will slip away.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 3, 2002 07:49 AM