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October 12, 2002

Who owes who?

Looking at the stats from my last entry, it occurred to me that this slavery reparations nonsense is all backwards. As of 1997 the average income for Blacks in the US was $25,050. In 2000 the citizens of the African nation with the highest average income, Libya, made an average $7,600. So it seems to me that the Blacks currently living in the US are way ahead of the descendants of the ones, not taken as slaves. I'm not excusing slavery, it was evil, but it seems a pretty hollow whine for modern day Blacks, who enjoy so much more prosperity, wealth, freedom and opportunity to claim that they themselves deserve money for what happened to their ancestors, when they already are enjoying a tremendous advantage over Blacks who still live in Africa (most of whom would love to move here and have the same opportunities American Blacks have). Let's take the economic advantage American Blacks currently have over the average African and subtract that from any reparations, and see who winds up owing whom.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 12, 2002 02:42 PM