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October 02, 2002

Why can't these people ever figure this out?

OK, let's imagine a place where it's stormy and rainy all the time. Several people have built shelters for travelers to stop at to stay out of the nasty weather. So one of the shelter owners decides he want to make his shelter more "airy" and less like a room, so he knocks down the walls, which of course allows the wind to push rain and cold air in. He suddenly finds that fewer people come to his shelter, and he can't figure out why.

One of the big wigs in the Church of England, (The Anglican Church or Episcopalian to us Yanks) has refused to acknowledge that sex outside of marriage is wrong. This of course falls right in line with the general Liberal leaning of many of what was once known as "mainline" churches, which are today, sad, wispy, mostly empty churches desperately scrapping everything that makes a church a church in order to draw back the flood of members who've left for real churches.

It's a nasty world out there with alot of nasty people who like to do nasty things. Churches have always been places to get away from the world. That's what the word in the Bible means, "The separated people". But we have these "churches" doing their best to try to be like the world, wondering why people don't prefer their "airy shelter in the rain".

Who knows, maybe next they'll try recreational drugs or maybe even porn.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 2, 2002 07:19 AM