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November 07, 2002

The newest "Conservative Revolution"

Pundits have all kinds of theories about the 2002 "Conservative Revolution". The trouble is the truth isn't something either side wants to admit. 

Limbaugh is blaming Liberal ideology being repugnant to voters, but these are the same voters that elected Clinton twice.

Others are claiming the DNC is in its death throws. Now where have we heard that before.

Here's the reality. 

In the aftermath of 9/11 the nation was left with a much more nationalistic attitude, tempered by the pervasive compassion that has earmarked the American spirit for so long. (Not that Liberals and most foreigners ever notice). This attitude left us realizing that in spite of all the magnanimous efforts we have done to help people of other nations, they hate and envy us for the most part. Not because we've hurt them, but because of the sick, twisted class envy crap that's been pushed by socialists for so long. We have the combination of a free economy and abundant resources. Every other nation either has free economies but limited resources (like most of Europe) or plenty of resources but corrupt economies (like most of Africa and Asia and the Middle East). Europe seems to do fine for herself, and what bitterness comes from there is mostly about our domination of media (television, movies, etc.) which tends to hammer away at their culture (an understandable complaint, but hardly our fault). Africa, Asia and the Middle East on the other hand sit on massive resources, all tied up by petty, corrupt dictators that use hatred to divide their opponents. 

So here sits America, wealthy, happy, envied by every other country, sending massive amounts of financial aid to corrupt third world toilets, who turn around and starve their people, build up armies and call us evil. Nine-one-one was the slap in the face that made us realize what was going on. Not that it'll last. We're already slowly drifting back into that apathetic slumber we maintained previous to September of 2001. But we're still awake enough to know that something needs to be done about radical Moslems who want to kill us.

So initially the Democrats tried to poo-poo Bush's efforts to fight terrorism. Opinion polls quickly showed the foolishness of that approach (since the Democrats were obviously too stupid to figure that out for themselves). So they tried the economy, but even the simplest Americans could understand the economic impacts of 9/11, and how it had little to do with who the current President or leadership in Congress is. All they were left with were local issues, and the media.

But something happened this time -- the Beltway Snipers. The national media usually go into high gear lambasting all Republicans, calling them everything from racists to child haters. But the story of the Beltway Snipers was too tempting. When confronted with the choice between finding a story or going with one dumped in your lap, the Media tend to be lazy and go with the one dumped in their lap. So for almost the entire latter part of the election/campaign season the Media climbed all over themselves trying to report, re-report and re-re-report anything and everything about the shootings. The election was almost all but forgotten, and the Democrats, who depend so much on the media to do a large part of their campaigning for them, were left having to actually come up with campaign ideas based on local issues.

Now I don't think the Beltway Snipers threw the elections to the GOP all by themselves. The remaining national attitude following 9/11 helped as well. I hesitate to say that Liberalism or the foot dragging Senate Judicial Committee or the systematic economic sabotage by DNC Congressmen had more than a minor effect, but it certainly added to the mix.

This election wasn't really any kind of mandate or referendum as it was an expos? of the fact that Liberals can't win without the help of our biased National Media. They simply lack the ability to actually address real issues.


Posted by Jack Lewis at November 7, 2002 08:28 AM