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January 31, 2003

Absolutely too funny.

Black activist assailed as racist
Preferences opponent Ward Connerly labels accusers hypocrites

. . .

The accusatory letter sent by the legislators, on the other hand, equates segregation unequivocally with racism and states, "Segregation has always been a manifestation of racism. ? [R]acism is behind the policies of segregation."

Frommer's press release regarding the letter stated, "Connerly's comments betray a stunning ignorance of the history of segregation and racism" and alluded to "a diverse student body ? many of whom come from families who know firsthand the pain of segregation and racism."

Connerly's letter of response to Regent Chairman Moores, referring to his childhood upbringing states, "having been born in Leesville, La., in 1939, I wish I did have a 'stunning ignorance' of societal segregation that was enforced by my government. Unfortunately my experiences with such segregation have not come from history books. ? [I]t has been of a cruel, up-close and personal variety. As a child growing up in Louisiana, I personally witnessed signs that read 'WE DO NOT SERVE COLOREDS.' Therefore, I don't need members of the Latino Caucus, other legislators or students two-generations removed from the REALITY of a truly racist system to chastise me, or counsel me on racial etiquette."

Regarding the legislators' statement that segregation is always equivalent to racism, Connerly wrote, "With such a view, I wonder how the signatories to the letter reconcile the California Latino Caucus, an entity whose membership is limited to 'Latinos'?" He goes on to list the Congressional Black Caucus, the Black and Chicano Student Unions on campuses, Black Freshman Orientation at UC Davis (and other campuses), Chicano and African-American graduation ceremonies at UC, so-called "theme-houses" where he says students "self-segregate" based on race and ethnicity, race-based sororities, black alumni associations, Hispanic chambers of commerce and others, as examples of segregated bodies that are not racist.

Full Story: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=30790

 Now did you catch that? Several self segregated groups are calling this guy a racist, because he says segregation is not always racism, and they claim it always is. Y'know if the TV networks weren't already so brain dead Liberal they would have realized what a great source of comedy Liberals really are and have made scores of sitcoms about them.


Posted by Jack Lewis at January 31, 2003 08:11 AM