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January 01, 2003

Won't War make our Economy suffer even more?

Money in an economy is like blood in a body -- it needs to be circulated before it does any good, and the more circulation - the better.

War has always revived sluggish economies. Back in the 70's a group of national leaders met to try to figure out how to keep the economy (and the current flow of political clout) going as war became history (remember for the most part of last century we were at war some place or another and in the early 70's it looked like that was ending) they decided that they could substitute the environment for war, and achieve the same goals. Well, later years showed that the Cold War worked to enough degree, and when the brilliant economist, Ronald Reagan was elected, he set into motion policies that stabalized the economy.

Being an absolute moron Clinton flushed those policies and sent as many of our young military as he could into third world toilets for "Nation Building" project and to distract from his ever increasing pecadillos. With the "Smoke and Mirrors" economy he implimented (copied by many large corporations) coupled with the "Nation Building" he managed to post pone the inevitable economic crisis.

Bush inherited an imaginary economy, full of large corporations copying Clinton's example and puffing up their value in order to increase investor confidence. But with Bush? integrity was not just a sales gimmick, so now we have a post 9/11 economy full of large companies struggling to defend their Clintonish lies.

Spending is the key. Spending is slightly down, but not nearly as much as the Bush? haters were wanting. Consumer confidence isn't faltering as much since the Main Stream Liberal Media no longer holds an absolute monopoly on delivering news to the American public. Recovery is there, but slow.

War will galvanize the American public. Defense spending is still spending, and it's spending directly related to productivity (as opposed to the kind of welfare spending that Liberals are so fond of).

The Great Depression hit after WWI (The reasons for the Great Depression had little to do with WWI) and was ended in large part by the nation's focus on WWII. Each subsequent war revitalized the economy as money was circulated and productivity rose. This war will have the same effect.

Remember there's a BIG difference in the economic impact of handing someone some money for doing nothing, and paying someone money for earning it. The former may offer a little increased circulation, but no productivity, the latter definitely incourages both.


Posted by Jack Lewis at January 1, 2003 09:03 AM