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February 25, 2003

Becoming the Enemy

One very sad but inevitable aspect of human nature is that we have a tendency to disengage our minds if we think we don't need them. It's sort of like pedaling a bike down the hill. The gravity is more than enough to keep the bike going, so why pedal. Works on a bike, but becomes disastrous when we try the same thing with our minds.

The result usually is our efforts get turned around and become the very thing we started out opposing. I see this all the time. The NAACP was started as an organization dedicated to fighting racism. But they shut their brains off and it is now one of the foremost proponents of racist actions in the country. Most of our more prominent universities were founded as schools for teaching Christianity, specifically preparing preachers and missionaries. There are now the most vocal opponents of Christianity. The Nobel prizes were designed to encourage efforts in science and in creating peace. The Nobel Peace Prize is a laughing stock, being offered in many cases to extremely violent people who do everything but create peace. The science prizes has resulted in petty jealousies in the scientific communities and have sealed off cooperation among scientists, lest someone else get the prize. How many 'peace' activists in the 60's finally resorted to violence in an effort to make their voices heard?

Right now we're seeing a resurgence of people, groups and organization opposing Iraq, the Middle East, Islam, etc. The reasons they give is that they oppose the violence done by radical Moslems. Sounds good so far, except when you look closer at many of these people and groups, you find that they employ the exact same attitude and actions that they claim to despise so much in radical Moslems.

They dehumanize all Arab and Moslems (just as radical Moslems dehumanize all non-Moslems).

The are quick to use scare tactics to get their message across (what the rest of us call terrorism) going so far as to threaten the families of anyone that disagrees with them. How exactly is that different from what radical Moslems do? The goal of terrorism is to strike fear in the enemy, thus demoralize them, and either dissuade them from their actions or confuse their actions. Whether the tool used is a threat or actual violence, the result is the same as far as the terrorist is concerned. The victim gets the message.

They cut off any means of rational discourse with those who might disagree with them.

They accept that the end they desire demands extreme means, regardless of who has to suffer.

In essence, many of these groups have become the very enemy they claim to oppose.

We have enough trouble trying to deal with the threat posed by radical Moslems, without a bunch of idiot, pseudo-patriotic booger-heads going around adding to the problem.


Posted by Jack Lewis at February 25, 2003 09:56 AM