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February 15, 2003

Morons Against War

Why is it that every single media outlet shows these idiots that are protesting the war, as if they should be taken seriously. "Peace cannot be maintained by force" one sign says. Really, so every culture that has ever existed including every single one on the planet today had it wrong? What are those metal things our police carry on their hips? Even the British Bobbies carry clubs. Can someone name even one culture, nation or government that has been able to achieve and maintain peace without ever using any form of violence or force?

"The Iraqi people don't want war," another dimwit said. Well, first of all the Iraqi people are brutalized slaves. What they actually want nobody knows since if they dare voice anything contrary to Saddam, they're executed. Second, the marches held in Iraq were full of Iraqis carrying weapons. So how is that supposed to mean they don't want war. Oh, and the media had the unbelievable stupidity to call the marches with people (including small children) armed with automatic rifles, 'Peace Marches'. George Orwell would have admired that.

Two things seemed to be apparent form today's protests 1. only imbeciles are against the war and 2. our Media seem to included in this group.


Posted by Jack Lewis at February 15, 2003 10:45 PM