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February 23, 2003

To the rectal opening that threatened me

[First, for the rest of you: Some dimwit did some rudimentary searches and found out my real name and a spattering of personal info about me and my family. Obviously too stupid to actually do any real investigating which would have provided more details, he then emailed me with the info, pretending to be from some 'intelligence' agency, and threatened me in regards to the pro-Israel stance I've expressed on my blog and the various message boards I post at. I sent the email and the header to the FBI, the CIA and the German ISP he used to send it anonymously. Since it was a threat related to the current terrorist threat that's high priority in the US, our mind-numbed friend should suddenly find himself in the cross hairs of the US government's careful watch for terrorist threats. No, I have no delusions of grandeur of my own importance. I'm just an average citizen and under any other circumstances such a threat would be quickly dismissed. But the combined element of the loser being anti-Israel, taking the time to look up personal info so he could threaten not just me but my wife and kids, and that the email appears to have been originated outside the country should make it of added concern, clumsy though it was.]

Now, to Mr. Sphincter, You wrote:

It is my belief that you are involved in pro-Israel cyber harassment against another individual.  In fact, I believe you are the primary organizer of this harassment.

In order to let you know that you are not anonymous, your actual name is [three paragraphs of personal data about me, where I live, my wife, my kids, etc.]

We have access to intelligence information and we are aware of all of your activities.

You are to terminate your harassment immediately.

I may use a pseudonym, but I've always been aware of how thin such a barrier is in actually protecting my identity. It serves to prevent the typical moron from trying to harass me rather than have a reasonable discussion. You of course have proven yourself to be an 'exceptional' moron in that you stumbled across a few details (missing tons more right under your very own nose). Knowing that my use of the pseudonym 'Jack Lewis' wasn't a sure protection of privacy never deterred me from posting my opinions on my blog or on the various message boards I post on. Knowing that my pro-Israel stance annoys you, on the other hand, motivates me to stop neglecting this effort as I have been lately, and write more, much more, both on my blog and on message board.

You see, I'm an American, and one of the hallmarks of American, whether Conservative or Liberal, Republican or Democrat, is that we treasure our freedoms, first and foremost is our freedom of speech. America if free because some very brave men and women several hundred years ago chose to risk their lives, their families and pretty much everything they had to defend the principles of freedom. The reason America has remained free is because in each generation we have more than enough people willing to make great sacrifices to continue to ensure such freedoms. I'm past the age of being able to serve my nation in the military, but I sure as hell am not about to allow some cowardly pip-squeak who doesn't have the balls to face me in a civilized discussion, who instead threatens my children, to stop me from voicing my ideas. If I can do nothing more than continue to voice my opinions in spite such threats, then I have at least lived up to the noble standard our Fore Fathers established, which has kept this nation free and prosperous. Threats to a real American is like gasoline on a fire. It lets us know that our words and ideas are being heard, and strengthens our resolve to use those words to spread our individual ideas.

Keep checking my blog and the message board I post at, 'cause you're about to hear a whole lot more from me.


Posted by Jack Lewis at February 23, 2003 08:22 AM