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April 12, 2003

Bush's evil plan for using Iraqi oil to boost the economy revealed!!!

The average yearly oil production for Iraq is about $20 billion a year. That's the equivalent of one fifth of one percent of the US Gross Domestic Produce, so that one fifth of one percent will certainly boost us right out of the current economic downturn, much more than any added $1.6 trillion in tax relief. How could anyone not see how $20 billion would do more than $1.6 trillion?

So that means the $80 billion Congress and the Senate just approved to pay for ousting Saddam will be paid off in 4 years, if we take all of Iraq's oil and don't spend anything else on Iraq. Of course more than likely if we take all of Iraq's oil the Iraqi people might get a little miffed, so we'd need a continued military presence there, but that should only cost us about $30 billion a year, right?

So you can see the brilliance in this scheme the Liberals have uncovered. How Bush will use the $20 billion a year in Iraqi oil revenues to rescue the American economy, by only spending an initial $80 billion, plus another $30 billion each year. That Bush would actually withdraw our troops after making Iraq secure is out of the question. Everyone knows that a wise leader (like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter) must park troops permanently in third world countries and treat them like idiots. Surely he wouldn't do like every other Republican president has done and withdraw the troops once the mission is complete.

The Democrats weren't fooled for a second by Bush's smoke screen of pumping $1.6 trillion extra dollars into the economy via tax cuts. Sure that $1.6 trillion will be spent, meaning it then becomes someone else's income which can be taxed, then it will be spent again and taxed again, and so on and so forth, swelling the initial $1.6 trillion into many many times more. But we all know that won't have any affect at all on the economy. LOL, can you imagine actually thinking that buying and spending and producing and investing has anything at all to do with the economy? Everyone knows the economy only grows from taxes.


Posted by Jack Lewis at April 12, 2003 03:24 PM