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June 17, 2004

The Theft of Reagan's Legacy

The Club for Growth created an ad which shows clips of first John Kerry claiming Communism couldn't be defeated, followed by Ronald Regaan telling Gorbechov to "Tear down this wall" followed by Bush? assuring America that the terrorists would be dealt with. Well it seems Joanne Drake a "spokeswoman" for the "Reagan family" objects "because doing so implies that he endorsed one candidate over another"

Did you get that? Joanne is worried that someone might think Ronald Reagan would endorse George W. Bush over John  Kerry. Beside the glaring fact that the ad simply showed a news clip that has been aired a million times by everyone and their dog, is there anyone out there with more than 3 brain cells that actually believes Reagan would have remained neutral in this year's Presidential race? 

The question I have is -- who exactly is the "Reagan family" that she's representing? My guess would be Ron, jr. (Liberal), Patty Davis (Liberal), Michael Reagan (Conservative) and Nancy (?). Nancy Reagan is now hell bent on getting stem cell research approved, something Reagan made no bones about opposing. Most people who spent anytime around Nancy Reagan confirms that her main priority in life was not politics, ideology or any issue other than Ronald Reagan. Since he was Conservative, she went along. She'd been pushing for stem cell research during much of Reagan's bout with aldsheimer's in a macabre way of using the mutilated corpses of murdered babies to somehow bring her "god" back to life. She's still pushing the same revival of Molech worship (The children of Molech were the people in the Old Testament who burned their infants alive as an offering to their "god") and apparently is siding with her two Liberal kids about the use of Reagan's name and image.

In the end it's not the Club for Growth that's soiling Reagan's memory, but his own family (Michael being the exception). Would Reagan have been ambivalent about the choice between Bush? and Kerry? Would Reagan have wanted his health restored at the expense of the lives of innocent children? He was not that kind of man, and pretending he was is disgraceful, and an insult to his legacy.


Posted by Jack Lewis at June 17, 2004 09:28 AM