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June 12, 2004

Warning: No Thermonuclear Devices Allowed at This Web Site!!

(Note: this piece was originally published on my site http://ElevenOClock.com/news long before I knew what a blog was.)

Well that's pretty much how silly these signs are on various buildings saying no guns allowed. Think about it (The people putting the signs up obviously haven't) There are more or less only two types of private citizens going into a building with a gun: A law abiding citizen with a legal concealed carry permit or someone who intends to break the law and shoot someone. Which one do you think will even bother to read some silly sign saying "No Guns"? The person that would shoot someone certainly isn't going to break a sweat over violating some idiotic law about going somewhere where a gun isn't allowed. The law abiding citizen will either not enter or leave the gun in their car. 

Next question: Some lunatic starts blowing people away in a public building, are you going to thank your stars that there are no law abiding citizens with legal concealed guns nearby? If you start to go into a building with one of those sign, keep in mind, that sign won't stop anyone planning to shoot people, and it will guarantee that there will be no one that can stop him. You are entering a placed made more dangerous, not less.


Posted by Jack Lewis at June 12, 2004 08:47 AM