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September 22, 2004

CBS Producer on Thin Ice After Guard Story

CBS Producer on Thin Ice After Guard Story
Spotlight Hits Behind-The-Scenes CBS Producer for Her Role in National Guard Documents Flap

The Associated Press

NEW YORK Sept. 21, 2004 ? The fallout from CBS's doomed story about President Bush's National Guard service most endangers a woman few viewers know but who played a key role in two of the biggest television stories of the year. 
Mary Mapes, a veteran producer at CBS News, reported most of the National Guard story, including obtaining the documents CBS now says it can't authenticate. She also passed on the phone number of her source, former Texas National Guard officer Bill Burkett, to the Kerry campaign. 

Mapes, 48, was described by colleagues on Tuesday as a dogged and talented journalist who made no secret of her liberal political beliefs.


My question is, among others with the same question -- why is it that CBS, with an obvious political bent, aren't under the same rules as the Swift Vets for Truth?


Posted by Jack Lewis at September 22, 2004 08:11 AM