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September 29, 2004

Is it called a blogalanche?

Awhile back I was checking through my server stats and noticed this serious surge in traffic for a couple of days beginning around July 15th. The traffic was focused on my site "The Red Primer for Children and Diplomats". So I put a usage tracker on the main page and found that people were still coming to it from a link from here. (about halfway down the page) I'd never heard of the guy and wondered why my bandwidth usage would have gone from an average of about 1gig a month to almost 7gig for that one month. The chart below shows the sudden peak.

Well today I found that last year this guy, James Lileks, was listed as #6 in the top ten Conservative blogs. This year he's down to #63, but that's out of millions of blogs. I really don't have time to read too many blogs each day. I prefer to find one or two that encapsulate the most important stuff, and do with that. I consistently read James Taranto's The Best of the Web, and Michelle Malkin when I can remember it. I used to read Neal Boortz every morning, but I just got sick of his constant Christian bashing, and haven't read his site in probably a year or two. So I'm not all that familiar with these bloggers.

When a blog or site gets mentioned on the Drudge Report the subsequent deluge of hits has been noted and dubbed by some as a "drudgalanche" but the phenomenon also comes from mentions at other sites. Too bad it couldn't be a consistent rise instead of a sudden peak that leaves servers sometimes shut down. My host Nirmani.net handled the deluge wonderfully and I didn't even notice it until more than a month later.


Posted by Jack Lewis at September 29, 2004 08:05 AM