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October 01, 2004

Remember it's not called pBS for nothing.

Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004 10:37 p.m. EDT

Lehrer Stacks Deck Against Bush

Presidential debate moderator Jim Lehrer showed once again Thursday night why top aides to President Clinton used to call him "our moderator" when presidential debate time rolled around in 1996.

The questions, which Lehrer announced at the outset had been authored exclusively by him, were supposed to help the American people determine which candidate would be a better steward of U.S. national security in a post-9/11 world.

But there were no queries to Sen. Kerry about his long Senate record of voting against defense appropriations, or his sponsorship of a bill to cut CIA funding by $6 billion a year after terrorists struck the World Trade Center in 1993, or Kerry's support of the nuclear freeze movement during the height of the Cold War.

Kerry wasn't asked why he teamed up with Jane Fonda to protest the Vietnam War while his band of brothers were still on the battlefield, or why he met with enemy leaders in Paris, or why he accused fellow soldiers of being "monsters" and "war criminals."

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I was wondering why the Bush campaign agreed to handing over full control to Lehrer. I remember him as being annoyingly partisan during the last several elections. He's one of those journalists who rarely smiles and imagines his funeral parlor facade will cover his obvious bias.


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 1, 2004 07:59 AM