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October 06, 2004

VP Debate BlogBites

from Protein Wisdom:

"Dick Cheney smokes imported cigars, drinks double Scotch neat from a chunky tumbler, and talks to his friends about dames and gams and stock options.  John Edwards wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  Bless his li?l heart."

comments sections:

"I kept having this irrational hope that Dick Cheney would just reach over and slap that teenager on the back of the head. "

"Cheney cleaned Edwards clock.  Then reset the clock.  Then cleaned it again."

from Knowledge is Power:

"Putz-lite's conviction that is ya just repeat something often enough it will be true [it will itwillitwillitwill] Cheney clearly found frustrating. He and Bush shared the line, 'where do I start?' on the pack of bs just handed out."

from Michelle Malkin:

"'A dog yapping at a grown-up's heels,' that's how Morton Kondracke described John Edwards' performance against Vice President Cheney tonight. I concur."

from Allah in the House (comment section):

"My thought while watching Edwards: This bozo would be just one Secret Service caused snowboard accident away from the presidency!"

from Infidel Cowboy:

"Stylistically, Edwards appeared to be one of those yappy barking dogs on the safe side of the fence from a much bigger dog"

from Zygote Design:

"Edwards flailed around and screamed Halliburton like if he said it enough it would conjour up some demon to smite Cheney."

from In The Bullpen:

"Cheney was masterful and presidential while Edwards argued like O.J. Simpson?s prosecuter."


Posted by Jack Lewis at October 6, 2004 05:36 AM