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January 27, 2005

Even paranoids have enemies

The Washington Post has a story about a Rand Corp. and Oregon State University study of the beliefs of Black Americans about HIV/AIDS. The study found that 48.2% of the 500 Black Americans called, believe that HIV is a man made virus. 53.4% believe that HIV was created and spread by the CIA.

Of note is the sampling method. The participants were selected based on locations with an estimated Black household density of at least 27% (As of 2000 the population at large in the US is 12.9% Black). So selecting people who live in areas where Black people are over-represented would definitely not represent all Blacks. It would represent, in large part, those Black people who have chosen to segregate themselves.

James Taranto, of Best of the Web points out that since there is no data regarding other races, any judgment would be made in ignorance. I agree.

But also to consider is the gaping irregularities surrounding the HIV/AIDS presumption. The connection between HIV and AIDS was never scientifically established, it was assumed. When Dr. Luc Montagnier first discovered HIV, he sent slides to Robert Gallo in the US. Gallo immediately claimed that he had discovered it, and held a press conference announcing that it was the virus that caused AIDS. That has been taken as fact ever since, with no peer review even attempted. (Note: Gallo has the US patent on the AIDS test, and earns royalties on every test administered) Quite a number of prominent scientists have objected to the politicized way AIDS has been treated, but since so much money and political pressure is involved, their arguments are ignored.

What many people have noticed is that when they stop taking the medicine the doctors give them to treat HIV, they get better. Some Black people have assumed it was only Black people this happened to, and the myths of AIDS being an engineered, genocidal virus is fueled. The reason they get better, though, is because the medicine is more far dangerous than the virus itself has ever been proven to be.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 27, 2005 08:28 AM

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