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January 07, 2005

New motion filed on behalf of Terri Shiavo

To condense the fact, Terri's parents have new lawyers which are taking the case very seriously, and have filed a motion claiming Terri has never been allowed due process. She's never been had an attorney. Her "husband" has (paid for by the malpractice money that was supposed to have been used for Terri's treatment) the parent's have attorneys that have been working at keeping her alive, but Terri herself never had one.

While this will serve initially as a delaying tactic, I'm not sure it will be all that beneficial in the long run. If the moron Judge Greer (the one that's been allowing Terri's "husband" to squander her money) picks the attorney, he'll simply pick one of the pro-euthanasia people that have been salivating at the idea of another disabled person being murdered. His choice will then be appealed, and so on and so on.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 7, 2005 08:49 AM

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